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What Are the Advantages of Using an iPad Pro 11 Case

There are many reasons why you should use an iPad Pro 11 case for your device. And there are thousands to choose from in the market, whether online or in-store. But what are the advantages of using an iPad cover? Let’s find out.

Reasons to have iPad Pro 11 case


Protection is probably why you should buy an iPad Pro 11 case. Whether you use your iPad solely at the office, take it with you throughout the day, or leave it in your kids' hands, you are always better off using a case. An iPad Pro 11 is expensive – the basic Wi-Fi model starts at $799 for 128 GB and goes up to $1899 for 2TB. The Wi-Fi and cellular version costs more. The last thing you need is to take on any additional repair costs that can be avoided with an iPad case – especially a high-quality one.

Look out for cases that offer major drop protection for an additional safety feature. Major drop protection safeguards your device against a certain height. We love the Zugu iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd generation case with major drop protection against a five-foot fall on concrete. Keep an eye out for cases made from TPU plastic, a highly durable material that absorbs the impacts of drops and falls.


A kickstand case elevates the way you use your iPad. Instead of propping it up against a pile of books or magazines, you can set it up at a reading, typing, or viewing angle. Depending on the type of kickstand case, you can position it with a leg that you pull out of the case or adjust a flap into different angles. Thanks to powerful fitted magnets, the Zugu iPad Pro 11 case allows eight comfortable angles that do not budge, slip or fall.


Things do not need to look ugly to function correctly. Modern technology has transformed the way things work and look. So, for example, a rugged iPad cover is portable and lightweight and does not weigh as much as a military tank. You can choose between your dreams' colors, patterns, and designs.


Why not use the iPad Pro 11 case to showcase your personality and have fun? Personalize your device by switching up iPad covers in different colors, your company logo, engraved initials, or your favorite design. iPad covers do not need to be boring but can be the way that you match your work outfits.

The iPad Pro 11’s Latest Features

iOS 16 Features

Apple’s iOS 16 focuses on bringing out the best of the iPad Pro. The detail is true to life, creating stunning content. Editing pictures becomes a breeze thanks to the Reference Mode setting, which allows you to match any color requirements with the iPad Pro's Liquid Retina display.

Stage Manager is another exciting new multitasking feature in iOS 16. It automatically organizes windows and apps, making it easy to switch between tasks. Later this year, Apple plans to unlock full external display support with Stage Manager for resolutions of up to 6K. This means you can work with up to four apps on the iPad and another four on the external display.

M2 Chip

This is the first time Apple used its M2 chip, the successor to the M1 chip, in iPads. The M2 chip will bring even more breakthrough “capabilities” to the iPad Pro “with industry-leading power efficiency, a unified memory architecture, and custom technologies,” according to Apple.

M2 features an 8-core CPU — up to 15 percent faster than M1 — with advancements in performance and efficiency cores and a 10-core GPU, delivering up to 35 percent faster graphics performance for the most demanding users. Combined with the CPU and GPU, the 16-core Neural Engine can process 15.8 trillion operations per second — 40 percent more than M1 — making iPad Pro even more powerful when handling machine learning tasks. The M2 chip also features 100GB/s of unified memory bandwidth — 50 percent more than M1 — and supports up to 16GB of fast unified memory, making multitasking and working with large amounts of data effortless.

What does this mean? The M2 chip is like having a supercar engine in your device, easing the work of complex and graphics-heavy apps. Whether you use your iPad Pro 11 to edit images and videos, play games or design your dream house, the M2 chip makes it all seamless.

Apple Pencil Hover

The latest version of the iPad Pro 11 includes a unique new feature for the Apple Pencil. The iPad detects the presence of the stylus pen up to 12 mm away from the display through Apple Pencil Hover. You can preview the mark or note you'll make before doing it. In addition, iOS 16 converts handwriting to text even faster than before. The iPad has a Scribble feature, expanding text fields as the Apple Pencil approaches the screen.

So, before you buy an iPad Pro 11 case, ensure that it includes some, if not all, of the features listed above and that it works exactly for your lifestyle.