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How Big is a 10.2-inch iPad?

How big is a 10.2 inch iPad? Here’s a hint: it’s not 10.2 inches! 

When choosing an iPad 10.2 case, many users get faced with a funny dilemma: their iPad isn’t 10.2 inches long, 10.2 inches wide, or 10.2 inches anything! The number actually refers to the diagonal of the screen. But here’s the good news: a 10.2 iPad case will fit your iPad, so the actual dimensions hardly matter!

10.2 Inch iPad Dimensions

The 10.2 inch iPad is actually 9.8 x 6.8 x 0.29 inches. It weighs 1.07 lbs, if you’ve got the Wi-Fi version, or  1.09 lbs for the cellular enabled device. 

Once you put on an iPad 10.2 inch case, your device will get a little larger.  The Zugucase, a favorite choice among those who like to cook because of the refrigerator-friendly magnets, weighs 1.1 pound for the 5th generation iPad 10.2 case with pencil holder. That essentially doubles your iPad weight, so the final net weight you’ll have in your hand is a more hefty 2.2 lb. Still, it’s worth I for the protection—- and for that handy magnetic stand. 

10.2 Inch iPad Memory

But maybe that’s not what you meant when you asked how big a 10.2 inch iPad was. Maybe what you really wanted to know was how much memory the device had. The answer to that depends on your model. The 2021 10.2 inch iPad (the 5th generation) had two options, 64 GB or 256 GB. This is significantly more than the previous model, which had options of 32 or 128 GB.

There’s a big difference between the highs and lows of 10.2 iPad memory storage, but to find the capacity of your own iPad all you need to do is visit the Settings, click on General, and then visit About. Scroll down and you’ll see ‘capacity’ alongside the capacity for your device. Right under that you’ll see another number labeled ‘Available’ which tells you how much of that space is still available for foodie shots or glamour videos of what you’re prepping in the kitchen. 

My device at the moment shows 256 GB and just 330 MB free, so I’m not going to be able to take many pictures of dinner if I don’t do some serious deleting first. Hopefully your device is in better shape. 

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How big a picture can a 10.2 inch iPad take?

Maybe you didn’t want to know about the size of your device, and you didn’t want to know about the memory of the beast either. Maybe you’ve got a 2021 5th generation 10.2 inch iPad, and you want to know how big a picture it can take?

That depends on which camera you use— and, surprisingly enough, the selfie camera is the better camera here.  It takes 12 MP pictures, which are high enough resolution to do anything you might want to do with them. It’s also wide angle, which means it can capture anything within a 122 degree angle. 

12 MP means 12 megapixels, and each ‘mega’ is a million pixels. A typical 12 megapixel image will be 4000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels tall, and that translates to 55.6 by 41.7 inches on a 72 ppi screen, 27.8 by 20.85 inches on a 144 PPI retina screen, or 36.7 x 20 inches on a 150 PPI photo print. If you’d like a high resolution 300 PPI professional print of your latest masterpiece, the size would be 13.3 by 10 inches— so still larger than your average printing paper. 

What about if you’d rather use the back camera to do your picture taking? The 5th generation 1.2 inch iPad’s back camera is 8 MP, or 8 megapixel. An 8 megapixel picture on a 72 PPI screen will be 48 by 32 inches, and printed at 150 PPI (your standard photo print) you’ll have a 23 by 15.4 inch image. 

It’s worth noting that with the back camera you can take panoramas of up to 43 MP, so if you’re really into big pictures or want to make a full-sized banner for your kitchen wall, that’s another option. 

How big is the 10.2 iPad’s battery?

Maybe you don’t care about the size— you’ve already got an iPad 10.2 inch case— you con’t care about the capacity, and you already know all about what kind of pictures an iPad 10.2 can take. What you really want to know is how big is the battery—- will the power last for a day exploring the restaurants of downtown New Orleans, or do you need to bring a power pack if you’re going to be doing extensive picture taking, browsing, and taking or watching videos?

The 2021 10.2 iPad’s battery is said to last a good ten hours of WiFi browsing or video watching, or nine hours if you’re going to be surfing while using your cellular data network. Considering that you don’t usually have the screen on and things happening all day, you shouldn’t have to make a midday charge stop if you’ve got a new iPad with a brand new battery. The built in lithium ion battery is 32.4 watt hour, if that means anything to you. 

How big is a 10.2 iPad Case?

You didn’t care about battery, pictures, or capacity, and you already knew the dimensions? Maybe what you really wanted to find out was how big a 10.2 iPad case was.

Well, it’s a valid question, although to all cases have the same specs.  Making a table of all the different iPad 10.2 cases is beyond the scope of this article, so let’s look again at the gold standard where cases are concerned— the Zugucase.  According to the product description, the case measures in at 11.42 x 8.94 x 0.51 inches.  That makes it a little bulkier than the iPad itself, but not much, honestly. 

Does that cover it, or did you have another question you really wanted to ask? Let us know.