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What Are the Things You Should Consider When Buying An iPad 10.2 Case?

Choosing an iPad 10.2 case can be overwhelming, with thousands of models in the market. iPad covers come in all forms, shapes, sizes, prints, colors, and aesthetics. What levels of protection do you need to choose from? What do you need to look for in an iPad case? Let’s find out.

 1. Major Drop Protection

Protection is one of the main features you need in an iPad 10.2 9th generation case. In fact, it is the main reason people look for an iPad case – to protect their devices and save them from future repair expenses. Look for a cover that offers major drop protection, which means your iPad is protected from a fall from a certain height. For example, the Zugu iPad 10.2 case protects your iPad in a five-foot drop on concrete. Major drop protection gives you peace of mind, primarily if you use your iPad outdoors or give it to kids.

2. Kickstand Case

It is impossible to stand an iPad upright – unless you use a kickstand case. A kickstand case lets you position the iPad at different angles, freeing your hands. Although you can hold the iPad while watching a movie or working on a document, it gets uncomfortable for periods. An iPad cover with a kickstand case gives you the power set it up in various positions. Do you need to edit or write on the iPad? Or do you need to type out an important email? Do you want to follow an online recipe or try the latest fitness video? A kickstand case becomes your best friend. We love the Zugu iPad case that offers eight adjustable positions.

 3. Water and Scratch Resistant

If you use your iPad around the home and office, inevitably, it will be exposed to spills or drops. Aside from protection, your iPad needs to be water and scratch resistant. A water-resistant cover will protect your device from any liquid seeping through. A simple wipe should have the case look like new. If the spilled liquid is sticky, like juice or coffee, remove the iPad from the case and clean up the liquid with a dry clean microfibre. Remember to check the iPad to see whether liquid seeped into the cracks, corners, and crevices.

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4. Accessibility

A high-quality iPad 10.2 9th generation case gives you full access to all its ports, cameras, and buttons. If you can't connect the charging cable to the iPad while it is on the cover, find a new one. The lightning cable must easily fit into the iPad's port, and the cameras are clear and unobstructed.

5. Military Grade Protection

An iPad case with military-grade protection allows you to take your device into any environment safely. Covers offering military-grade protection have been tested according to a set of military standards by the U. S. Department of Defence. These 29 standard tests range from vibration, humidity, extreme temperatures, shock, sand, and exposure. If you see the label MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC, you will know whether the case meets military-grade standards. A military-grade case will have the code MIL-STD-810G.

6. Aesthetics

Lastly, an iPad cover should look good, especially since it completely covers up your device. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, you can buy a high-level protection case without it weighing a ton. And they come with all the colors of the rainbow and more and all the patterns under the sun.

7. iPad 10.2 Case with Pencil Holder

The Apple Pencil is an excellent accessory for any iPad, including the 10.2 ninth generation. Whether you love to draw or need to write your grocery list, the Apple Pencil gives you complete control over the experience. It has pixel-like precision and an imperceptible lag. The Apple Pencil also has pressure sensitivity and tilt control, making it perfect for drawing, sketching, or artistic creation. Charging the Apple Pencil is as simple as attaching it to the side of the iPad. You should get an iPad 10.2 Case with pencil holder for safe storage. The Zugu iPad Mini case is a great cover with a pencil holder.

8. Price

The iPad 10.2 ninth generation offers great value for money. It is a great starting model, especially if you want to save money on something other than the higher and more elaborate versions, such as the Pro 11 and 12. It comes in two versions – 64GB and 256 GB. The iPad 64GB costs $503 for the Wi-Fi model and $705 for the Wi-Fi & Cellular model. Meanwhile, the 256GB model costs $735 for Wi-Fi only and $937 for Wi-Fi & Cellular.

Whether you choose a rugged, military-style, or regular kickstand case, a high-quality iPad 10.2 case will protect your device from unwanted bumps, drops, or falls.