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How Do I Change My iPad From Full Screen to Split Screen?

Split screens on an iPad are one of its most practical yet underutilized functions. It increases productivity and enables you to multitask while working on different apps. Still not convinced? You can work on an office presentation with full access to your notes. Or skim through academic texts while updating your study group on WhatsApp. Use it to run through a recipe while adding any missing ingredients to your shopping list. The iPad's split-screen function saves you time and effort switching between various apps.

So, how do you activate split screen on an iPad 10.2? Follow our tutorial for step-by-step instructions. We’ll even show you how to switch back to full screen once you are done.

1.       What Are the Multitasking Options?

The iPad’s iOS supports three types of multitasking: slide over, split view, and center window. These options vary according to the kinds of apps. So, for example, some apps can be opened using the center window option while others can't. The slide-over option allows you to open an app in a smaller window that appears to float on your screen. You can drag this smaller window to the left or right.

Meanwhile, in split view, you have two apps that sit side-by-side on the screen. Apple also gives you the option to resize the apps with a slider. Finally, the center window app showcases a particular item, such as an email, in the center of the screen.

2.       How Do You Split the iPad's screen?

You can activate the split-screen function through the multitasking menu, dock, or app library.

  • Multitasking Menu

Start by opening one of the apps you want. Tap the three dots at the top of the screen to activate the multitasking function. Two options will pop up – either the split-screen or slide over. Tap your choice. The current app will make way for the iPad’s home screen. Choose the second app you want to open. The two apps will appear on the screen if you go for the side-by-side option. Meanwhile, with slide over, one app will be in a smaller window on the left or right of your screen. You can move it around as you wish.

  • Use the Dock

This is a great shortcut. Open an app and then pop the dock up by sliding your finger at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the second app and drag it out. If you need the side-by-side option, pull the second app to the left or right of the screen. Otherwise, release it in the center to activate the slide-over window.

  • The App Library

Apple’s App Library is another way of activating the multitasking function. Open the App Library. Press and hold an app and drag it to the side of the iPad screen for the split-screen option. Drop it in the center of the slide screen.

  •  How to Open an App in Centre Window

Certain apps such as Mail or Notes can open up in the screen's center while another app runs in the background. Press and hold on to the app and choose Open in New Window. When finished, hit Done or Close, and it will disappear from the screen.

  •  Magic Keyboard

There is also an option to split the iPad’s screen with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. When the app is open, press Command and hit the space bar to activate Spotlight. Type in the second app, and when it appears in the search results, tap and drag it out onto the screen.

3.      How to Remove Split Screen From Your iPad?

If you want to stop using split-screen, find the black divider between the two apps. Tap, hold and drag it to the right or left. Let go when the separator is close to the edge. The smaller window will close, while the one that becomes larger will remain open.

Top Three Accessories to Elevate your iPad

The multitasking function gives you an even more comprehensive range of use with the iPad. Take it a step further and upgrade your device with these three top accessories:

1.       Multi-angled Kickstand iPad Cover

An iPad case with multiple angles gives you options and comfort. You can sit back and watch a movie comfortably while replying to an email or take notes while following an online lecture. We love the Zugu iPad 10.2 case that gives you eight angles to choose from. In addition, each slot has a strong magnet that firmly holds the back flap in place. Also, the Zugu case is made from robust TPU plastic and has reinforced corners to protect your iPad in case of any slips or drops.

2.       Bluetooth Keyboard

Wireless and rechargeable, a Bluetooth keyboard immediately transforms your iPad into a laptop. Not only is typing more straightforward but the keys are perfectly positioned for comfort and precision. Control your iPad’s brightness and volume with the keyboard or skip tracks. You can easily put a lightweight Bluetooth keyboard away in a small space.

3.       Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is not just a drawing tool. It is a stylus, a writing device, and with a bag of shortcuts up its sleeve. Glide it across the iPad’s screen to write, mark up documents or take notes. Its pressure-sensitive tip gives you thicker lines the harder you press and can also take the place of the keyboard, thanks to its handwriting feature.