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How to Delete an iPad App

An iPad is a powerful tool you use for a myriad of activities, including checking your email, signing up for fitness classes at your local gym, checking your child’s grades online, and looking up the best recipe for banana bread. There are so many apps for iPads that you may have downloaded too many — and your quickly running out of storage. So how do you delete iPad apps? Zugu Case, a leader in iPad covers, will explain how to delete iPad apps in this blog post. Order your Muse Case online today!

How to Delete Ipad Apps in Three Simple Steps

  1. Put your finger on the app you want to delete. Hold it there until all the apps start shaking. This is your sign that the apps can now be manipulated — either moved around or deleted.
  2. While the apps are shaking, there will be an “X” in the middle of a circle in the top-left corner of the app icon. This is the delete/uninstall button. 
  3. Simply click the “X”. You’ll be asked to verify if you want to delete the app. Make sure it’s the right app and then hit “Delete,” and you’re done!

This is also the way to move apps around on your iPad if so desired. Click the Home button to restore all the apps to the normal use mode.

This method will work with most apps on your iPad, including the apps that came on your iPad. There are apps that cannot be uninstalled, which you probably wouldn’t want to uninstall anyways, that are vital to the functionality of your iPad. Some of these include Safari, Settings, and the App Store, which is what generates your system updates. If you want to take away access such as for your kids, you would simply initiate parental restrictions in General Settings and then in Restrictions.

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I Deleted The Wrong Ipad App!

Don’t fret if you accidentally delete the wrong app. Once you purchase an app from Apple for your iPad, you own it forever. You simply open up the App Store and download the app again without charge. You’ll know which apps you own because a cloud will appear next to it with a downward-pointing arrow.

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