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Zugu iPad Earphone Wrap and Stylus Holder

Do you often use earphones with your iPad? Or are you one of those iPad users who are so used of having your stylus around? Are you getting tired of your earphones being tangled all the time, especially after putting it back inside your bag when you’re done using it? Or are you one those people who got tired of looking for their stylus on their desk or inside the bag?

If you are encountering one of the problems mentioned above, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Tim Angel, the inventor and owner of Zugu was able to create a product that will help you with your problems with regards to your earphones and stylus.

iPad Earphone Wrap and Stylus Holder is a product created by Zugu to help us avoid having a hard time with our earphones and stylus and to allow us to easily store our earphones and stylus while keeping them neatly attached to the case. This iPad Pro 12.9 Case Earphone Wrap and Stylus holder helps us avoid our earphones from getting tangled and misplacing them.

We all know that it is not easy to transport and use our earphones while we are out of the house or even our offices and up until now, we are so eager to find a solution for this problem that we all have encountered once.

With this reason, Zugu created this iPad Earphone Wrap and Stylus Holder to help iPad users to keep track on their accessories and provides them a very convenient place to put their earphones and stylus without having to worry anymore.

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This Zugu iPad Earphone and Stylus Holder is made up of genuine leather and is designed to use with your Zugu Case Genius, Case Genius Pro, Prodigy or BinderPad. It’s made to securely wrap your earphones and stylus on the side of your iPad. The measurement of this holder is 6 3/4″ x 3″ x 1/8″.

So if you are getting tired of these problems, then don’t wait anymore. Zugu iPad Earphone Wrap and Stylus Holder is here to help you avoid misplacing your iPad accessories and save you time and effort from looking.