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iPad Accessories: Ins and Outs of the Apple Pencil Continued


A pencil has been fundamental to the progress of humans. In order to move forward in many of our discoveries, we’ve built upon others’ work. Ideas are communicated over great distances through the written word. The Dark Ages were dark for a reason: only a very few wrote and knowledge was guarded. It was truly only after the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg that progress moved forward — all because learning was written down for others to use.

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Continuation of The Ins and outs of the Apple Ipad Pencil

How to Un-Pair your Apple Pencil from your Ipad

Apple has programmed the Apple pencil to automatically un-pair from your iPad or iPad Pro model as soon as you pair it with another iPad, or you pair a different iPad pencil with your current iPad. However, if you want to manually un-pair your iPad pencil, here are the steps: 

  • In your settings menu on your iPad’s home screen, tap “Bluetooth.”
  • Next, tap the “Info” icon, which will be to the right of your Apple pencil, under “My Devices.” 
  • Then tap “Forget.”

It’s that simple. To re-pair this same Apple pencil, just plug it back into your iPad or iPad Pro, or place it back on its magnetic charging strip if you have a 2018 iPad Pro 11 Case or iPad Pro 12.9.

Once you iPad pencil has been paired with your iPad, you are good to go. Your Apple pencil will be ready to begin drawing, writing, sketching, doodling, or use in navigation. You use your iPad pencil just like any other pencil; simply begin writing. If you are using an iPad case from Zugu Case, you can use this iPad accessory without having to remove the protective iPad case. Our iPad cases are created with 8 adjustable angles for ease of use. All of our iPad cases are tailor-made for your iPad with an Apple pencil holder for your convenience. Order yours today!

Navigation is the key

Your Apple pencil is the perfect navigator, and it keeps your screen cleaner rather than using your finger. Just remember that the Apple pencil recognizes your finger separately from the iPad pencil, so some functions might not work quite the same way. Some apps, however, do allow you to use both your fingers and your pencil.

The Apple iPad pencil is great for use for just about every function and app on your iPad. From sketching and handwriting practice to calligraphy and navigation, you can do some amazing things with your Apple iPad pencil. The Apple pencil is one of the best Apple iPad accessories on the market and is quickly becoming essential to important function and application on your iPad.

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ZUGU CASE works it Magic

Zugu Case is a huge fan of the Apple pencil. We’ve included an Apple pencil holder on all of our Zugu Cases so you have a handy place to keep it, and you won’t lose it.

All iPad cases manufactured by Zugu Case are specifically made for Apple iPads. These cases not only are sleek and secure, but they are also extremely durable and rugged. With an adjustable magnetic kickstand our cases are the ultimate in functionality. Our iPad cases allow you access to the screen (including when using the Apple pencil), are amazingly portable, and are constructed of the highest-quality materials available.

Zugu Case offers an incredible warranty that few other iPad Pro 11 case can boast of. We offer a two-year warranty on all of our iPad cases, as well as a 60-day risk free trial period, meaning if you don’t like it, simply return it for a full refund. With free US shipping, our iPad cases are no-brainer purchases. Perfect for travelers, business people, students, moms, kids, and teenagers, Zugu Cases go where you go and last longer than you do. Order yours online today!