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iPad Cases Out and About: iPad on Wheels

One of the reasons you invested in an iPad in the first place was so you could take it with you wherever you go and have an easy tool with access to the internet, a tablet to get some work done while waiting for your connecting flight, and a camera that was easy to operate. Some of the best places to take your iPad along with you are on your bike, on your skateboard, on rollerblades, your motorcycle, scooter, and while riding ATVs or golf carts. Zugu Case, the maker of the best Apple iPad cases, was founded in 2010 with the express intent on keeping your iPad safe during transport, which includes while out and about on wheels. In this blog post, we’ll go over tips and tricks on how to keep your iPad safe while on wheels. Contact us today!

How to Protect Your Ipad While on Wheels

  • Buy a Zugu Case. We’ll start with the most obvious — buying an iPad protective case. Zugu Case has invested almost 10 years in designing the best iPad protective cases. We’ve designed an iPad cover for all of the iPad models that fit your iPad to a T. From the third generation of iPads (iPad Pro 11 2018  and the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 Case) on down to the first generation of iPads (iPad 9.7), we offer a custom-fitted iPad protective case that will keep your iPad snug and protected from all the bumps and bruises that come while on wheels. If you have your iPad in an iPad cover, half of your worries will go away.
  • Invest in a pack of some sort. While you’re biking or rollerblading, you’ll need your hands free to not only enjoy the day and help steer or pedal, but also to protect yourself from falls. Investing in a great backpack, fanny pack, or other strap to secure your iPad either to yourself or to your bike will help protect your iPad.
  • Invest in an iPad mount. IPad mounts are great investments to help secure your iPad while transport. Most iPad mounts can be tilted or angled so you can actually use it while biking or driving your golf cart (not necessarily recommended, but it can come in handy while navigating, especially if you’re on a little-used trail). There are companies that make iPad mounts for specific toys on wheels, such as motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and scooters. These feature different mounts so you have the right one for your bike and ATV. These handy gadgets have actually been spotted on shopping carts, so the next time you’re at a big warehouse store, and you know you’ll be there for a while, try mounting your iPad to your shopping cart (and then record the reactions of those around you for a good laugh later on!). These are great for keeping your iPad sturdy; just be careful when mountain biking if you take spill!
  • Utilize small nooks and crannies. In most ATVs and golf carts, especially if they’re newer, there are spots to store your electronic devices. However, these spots are designed with all devices in mind, so most are not small enough to be secure. Still, if you have a glove box, store your iPad in it, or make sure you wrap your iPad in padding to prevent movement during transport. And, of course, if your iPad is in a Zugu Case, you’ll have added protection from bumps and jarrings.

Keeping your iPad safe while you’re out and about is important. After all, you’ve spent a nice penny on your iPad, and you want to keep it working for a good bit of time. The most important piece of advice is to keep your iPad in its protective case while you are moving. When you stop to take a picture of the setting sun over the mountain lake you just spent four hours biking up to, you can take your iPad out if you want (although for Zugu Cases all of our iPad covers have the buttons readily accessible so you’ll never have to take the case off if you don’t want to, similar to your protective case for your phone.

In this day and age, you really can’t go anywhere without some sort of connectivity to the invisible world of the Internet. When you’re on a long ATV ride, you may need your iPad to pinpoint your exact location. If your buddy takes a tumble on a gnarly downhill trail, you may need your iPad to search for the nearest hospital or urgent care facility. Plus, you always need a camera when you’re out and about for those precious moments when your child picks flowers in an empty field or you come across a critter in nature that is just too cute to not take a picture.

The Mission of Zugu Case

Zugu Case was founded with the idea of creating a better iPad protective case. Life is full of activity, fun, and adventure, and your iPad needs to be able to withstand spills in the midst of thrills. Our iPads feature a robust bumper and rugged shell to withstand drops. The iPad cover is coated with soft microfiber material in order to protect your iPad from scratches while in its case. All of the buttons are accessible, so while you can take your iPad out to use, you don’t have to. Turning it on and taking a picture in those moments before the critter runs away at your presence are moments you don’t want to miss. We’ve incorporated the new iPad pencil as well into our iPad cases so you won’t misplace you iPad pencil and it’ll be handy when you need it, like when you meet a stranger on your motorcycle and want to jot down their information for future rides.

Zugu Case feels very blessed indeed with the success of our iPad protective covers. Hence, we believe in giving back some of that which we are given. We support children’s charities through Children International.

When you order an iPad protective case from Zugu Case, you’re getting the best. Visit our site today, and order now!