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iPad Cases Out and About: Part 1 of iPad at the Pool

Every place you go has unique challenges. In this series, we’re going to explore how best to use and care for your iPad while you are out and about at different locations. With summer coming, the pool is beckoning and, of course, you want to take your iPad with you to the pool. Zugu Case, the maker of iPad Pro cases and iPad Apple pencil holders, will go over how to care for your iPad while at the pool in this part one of two series of your iPad at the pool. Contact us today for the best iPad case!

Protect Your Ipad from Water While at the Pool

Water and electronics don’t mix. But it’s not the water’s fault per se; it’s what water is made up of. Water is composed of ions. These ions disrupt the electricity your circuits produce, causing the electricity to flow to different parts of your iPad and results in a short or can overload your iPad, essentially frying it. Furthermore, it depends on what you spill on your iPad. A soda will cause a lot more damage than plain water.

The iPad is actually pretty water resistant in the first place. The exterior has a glass display and an aluminum body, leaving little room for anything to seep in. However, it’s the jacks you have to worry about, such as the sleep/wake button, the speakers, and the headphone jack.

If you have your iPad in an iPad protective case, water or any other substance will have an extremely hard time finding an opening to penetrate. Zugu Cases were designed to fit the iPad snugly, leaving no room for liquids to seep in or for your iPad to bounce if dropped.

  • If you simply spill your drink on your iPad, wipe your iPad down immediately, especially around the sleep/wake button and the ports. If you had a Zugu Case on your iPad, remove the iPad after wiping the case down and wipe down the iPad. Odds are, there won’t be any water that penetrated, but this is a precautionary measure. However, you’ll want to leave your iPad out to air out and don’t use it for 24-48 hours just to give it a chance to dry out. If you spill on your iPad with no case, follow the same steps. The key for an iPad to work again is to make sure it is dried out, so electricity doesn’t start jumping around.
  • If you accidentally drop your iPad in the pool, do your best to dry off the iPad as thoroughly as possible. If you had a Zugu Case on, water penetration odds will plummet significantly. However, if you had no iPad protective case on, you’ll need to dry out your iPad as best you can.

After you dry out your iPad, it’s best to power off the iPad if it was on when you dropped it in the pool. You can either hold down the wake/sleep button until it powers down or slide the button to power it off when prompted. If your iPad was in suspend mode (still on but not being used), you’ll want to leave it in suspend mode for 48 hours if at all possible. A problem arises when you get a notification, an alarm goes off, or you get a phone call because this will power up the display — something you don’t want to do after your iPad has been submerged in water. Zugu Case recommends powering up your iPad to power it down if you believe it will awaken in the next 48 hours; if not, leaving your iPad in suspend mode is recommended.

Why Leave Your Ipad Untouched?

You want all of the water out of your iPad before powering it up again and using it; otherwise, as we explained above, you could actually do more damage by having the electricity run amuk. By leaving your iPad alone for a couple of days, you’ll give the water that may be inside your iPad a chance to dry out. One tip is to push the Home button down, allowing gravity to help assist move any water content out. Zugu Case wants to strongly encourage you not to use artificial means to dry out your iPad, such as a hair dryer or space heater. Intense heat will definitely damage your iPad.

Most Common Damage Done By Water to Your Ipad

Most often, water affects the battery of your iPad. If your iPad won’t turn on after a few days or it turns on but the screen is awry or freezes, you’ll need to take your iPad to the nearest Apple store (after you order a Zugu iPad protective case online so you’ll be prepared next time you’re at the pool) for evaluation.

How Zugu Case Can Help

Zugu Case loves the power of technology. Being able to spend time at the pool while still being connected (or while still “working”) on your iPad is a great way to spend the day. You play in the pool with your kids, float in the pool during swim breaks, and meet friends, all the while staying connected when you need to. It’s essential to protect your iPad while you’re at the pool, and Zugu Case makes the best iPad protective cases for most iPad models, from the iPad Pro 11 inch 2018  and iPad Pro 12.9 case 2018  to the 2018 / 2017 New iPad 9.7 inch Prodigy X. 

Zugu Case focuses on durability, strength, aesthetics, and a snug fit, which keeps water out and your case sealed. We focus on functionality while decreasing the bulkiness of other iPad cases. Zugu Case offers free shipping anywhere in the United States, a one year warranty on all of our iPad protective cases, and a 30-day risk free trial period, allowing you to decide for yourself if our iPad covers will fit your needs. With a soft interior and adjustable stand, your iPad will be ready to use at the pool. Order your iPad cover in time for summer today!

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