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iPad Cases Out and About: Part 2 of iPad at the Pool

Lazy days at the pool is something many of us cherish. The kids splash and swim, gaining valuable water skills as well as getting important exercise and having fun, while you lounge in the shade with your iPad, checking emails, responding to text messages, and getting some work done. However, occasionally you want a dip in the pool. When you return, you find your iPad accidentally got left in the sun. Now what do you do? Zugu Case, a manufacturer of the best iPad cases for all iPad models, offers ups tips to enjoy the summer ray’s while keeping your iPad protected from the sun.

Protect Your Ipad from Overexposure to the Sun’s Rays

We all have experienced the power of the sun when we’ve gotten sunburnt. The sun’s powers can cause similar effects on your iPad. Technology is a great invention, but like all things in life, we have to take care of it. iOS devices such as your iPad were designed to function optimally between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). This is where the electronics are most happy. Any temperature outside this range can cause your iPad to change its behavior to regulate its temperature. Cold temperatures and hot temperatures can shorten battery life and could cause the device to turn off. Battery life will return to normal when you bring the device back to higher ambient temperatures. 

When your iPad gets too warm, it attempts to regulate its temperature so it can continue operating and so it can protect its component parts. Here are some things your iPad will attempt to do (or won’t do) when it’s too hot:

  • It stops charging, or goes really slow
  • You’ll notice the display goes black or becomes very dim
  • Your Wi-Fi or internet connection may weaken
  • The camera won’t flash
  • Your iPad will slow down considerably, especially if you’re running graphics-intensive apps, games, or movies
  • Navigation will still work, but with limited visibility

If you are using your iPad with apps or functions that require a lot of power (such as navigation), this can push your borderline iPad that is warm over the edge and enter the hot stage. The biggest sign that your iPad has definitely overheated is a warning sign that tells you the temperature is high, and your iPad needs to cool down. 

How to Fix Your Ipad When It Gets too Hot

When you suspect your iPad is too hot (or it tells you it is), the best thing to do is power down your iPad, move it to a cooler location, and allow it to cool down naturally. You’ll want to stop using your iPad completely. Once it’s cooled off, your iPad should be fine to use again. Don’t ever throw it in a freezer or place it on top of your air conditioning. Similar to using rapid heating to dry out your iPad, you don’t want to cool your iPad Air 10.9 Case 2018 too quickly, as this may cause condensation, which can damage your iPad. If your iPad is overheating for no discernible reason, take your iPad to the Apple repair store for a look.

How Zugu Case Can Help

By investing in the best iPad protective case, you’ll be protecting your iPad from the elements, including the sun. A Muse Case or Prodigy Case by Zugu Case will add an extra layer to your iPad screen, allowing it to not absorb as much of the sun’s rays as it normally would have. Furthermore, when you pick up your Zugu Case after having accidentally left it in the sun, it won’t burn your hands or be hot since it’s made from the same materials as the interior of Mercedes Benz cars. We construct all of our Muse Cases and Prodigy cases for the iPad to be durable, dynamic, and sleek. With reinforced bumpers, your iPad can withstand falls, as well as still have all of its buttons accessible. It’s magnetic cover and flap are super convenient and can be adjusted to seven or eight angles, depending on your iPad. Because our iPad covers are magnetic, they can easily attach to magnetic surfaces, such as your refrigerator, to be an impromptu photo scroller. In these iPad covers, we purposely designed a tight fit to prevent your iPad from moving within its case during transport.

Zugu Case takes pride in all of its iPad protective cases. Our mission is to protect your iPad, especially when you’re out and about, so you can do your work and play more easily. When you’re at the pool, you should be focusing on playing with the kids, getting emails answers and work done in quick spurts, and just relaxing — not focusing on your iPad itself. With quality craftsmanship and aesthetics in mind, Zugu Case makes the best iPad cases. Order yours today!