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Is There a Way to Protect an iPad Mini Without a Case?

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There is something extremely exciting about taking out your new iPad Mini from the box. Shiny, sleek, and looking fresh, a new iPad is a thing of beauty. It can be very tempting to use it just like that – in the nude. After all, who wants to hide the iPad's beauty inside a case? Is there any need for a cover? And if so, are there ways of protecting it without a protective cover?

Disadvantages of Using an iPad Cover

One of the great things about an iPad, especially the iPad Mini, is that it doesn’t take up space. In fact, size really does matter because the device is small and portable compared to a laptop, for example, as it is slightly larger than an iPhone 13. An iPad cover, especially one that doesn't fit properly, can add bulk to the device. Some covers can take away from the iPad's minimal design. Instead of slipping it effortlessly into your bag, you might need to carry it.

Poorly designed iPad covers can create accessibility issues. An iPad case with small or ill-fitted port access slots might prevent you from adequately charging your device. Or even damage the charging cable or the iPad’s interior.

Alternatives to an iPad Mini Case

So, what options do you have if you refuse to use a protective case? Not much, really, but here are a few alternatives.

1.       Use a Screen Protector

The iPad’s screen is the part that usually suffers after a drop. Apple uses Gorilla Glass for its screens, which is known for its hardness. Unfortunately, this feature also makes the glass brittle. So a hard knock might cause the screen to crack, especially if the iPad falls on its corner. A high-quality screen protector is a safety net to help prevent or limit any damage to the glass. It's also practical to avoid scratches or dents. Once you put your iPad in your bag, it can come into contact with sharp objects such as keys, coins, or pens. Zugu makes excellent screen protectors made from Japanese 0.25mm tempered glass. It has one of the highest hardness levels, 10H, equivalent to that of a diamond, giving you the ultimate protection against scratches. The Zugu screen protector is also antibacterial and fingerprint and smudge resistant. The protector doesn’t affect in any way the screen sensitivity or clarity. In fact, your Apple Pencil works as though it is directly touching the iPad’s glass.

2.       Keep the iPad Safe

Mindfulness helps with avoiding an iPad case. Keep your iPad Mini away from the edges of a flat surface where it might slip. Ensure you keep it safe when you are not using it. Or keep it away from kids or pets. And if kids use the iPad, sit with them to ensure they don't throw it to the side when done with it. Make sure you don't transport the iPad in a bag with sharp objects. Or leave it on the car seat, where it might fly off when you press the brake. However, this involves a lot of concentration and does not consider external factors. You can be as careful as you can, but you cannot control someone else dropping it or toppling over a heavy object onto it when on the kitchen table, for example.

3.       Use an iPad Skin

iPad skins can be an alternative to a case. Skins are thin plastic covers that only protect the iPad’s back. Apple uses aluminum for the back of the iPad, which is light, strong, and corrosion resistant. Although durable, aluminum is a soft metal compared to stainless steel. Dragging the iPad against a hard surface can quickly leave a scratch. You can customize your skin with graphics, designs, and photos. Skins still give you the feel of a bare iPad. However, these are more aesthetic than protective and do not safeguard your iPad Mini from any drops or falls.

Advantages of an iPad Case

Ultimately, you are better off using a case. The risk of damage is too high compared to not having a protective cover. A good iPad case will give you peace of mind in case of any bumps, drops, or falls. And the great thing is there is an excellent variety of high-quality cases on the market that cater to your needs. A good case will increase your iPad’s functionality through a kickstand case with multiple angles, for example.

One great iPad Mini case is by Zugu. Their iPad cases are made from TPU plastic, one of the most durable plastics in the world. You can find TPU plastic in military equipment, medical devices, cars, and drive belts. It is added to strengthen other materials. In fact, Zugu guarantees your iPad Mini’s safety in a five-foot fall on concrete. It also promises to cover AppleCare+ costs for any damage to an iPad in one of its cases. In addition, the Zugu iPad Mini case is sleek, elegant, and lightweight, with perfectly designed cutouts for the camera, charging port, and speakers. Their cases are all about functionality. Choose between eight angles to read, type, watch a movie or follow an online video.