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Key Qualities of a Great iPad Pro 12.9 Case

Do you need an  iPad Pro 12.9 case?

You’ve got a brand new iPad Pro, but do you need to get an iPad Pro 12.9 case for your device? You might feel a little hesitant; after all, your bank account is probably already hurting a little after your big purchase.  You want to buy yourself a pencil; you’d like a few extra charge cables to keep at work or in your bag. Do you need to get a case, too, right off the bat? 

There are a few iPad owners that can do without an iPad case for their device; primarily those who live sheltered lives in well-padded homes and never drop anything. For the rest of us, a case is almost essential. Here are some top qualities of a good iPad Pro 12.9 case that you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for a cover for your new iPad.

A sturdy Apple iPad Pro 12.9 case that can take it all 

Maybe the biggest difference between a quality iPad Pro case and the cheap kind you can get for five dollars is durability. A good iPad Pro 12.9 case should outlast your iPad— or, at the very least, outlast your iPad’s useful lifespan. And it should continue to look good, no matter what it goes through and how many times it gets jammed into your bookbag with who-knows-what. 

That’s in contrast to the kind of iPad Pro case you can pick up at the dollar store, or for $10 on Amazon. They look wonderful for the first week: quite as good as their more expensive counterparts. Seen from across the room, no one could tell that you didn’t spend half a hundred on your new case. The problem comes when you move into week 2. Then things begin to deteriorate. The top layer of the shiny imitation leather might begin to wear off, and the stitching may even start to get undone. By the time you get to the end of the month, your iPad case probably looks like it came out of the 1990s and has had a tough road. 

Durability. It’s probably not the first thing you think of when you think about which new iPad case to buy, but maybe it should be.

A protective iPad Pro case that keeps your iPad safe

What is the second key quality of a great iPad cover? It’s great to have a durable case that can go through anything and come out unscathed, but you want something else as well: the ability to keep the iPad inside unscathed, too. Almost any case can protect against scratches, but to keep your iPad safe when it’s dropped, jolted and bumped, you may want a more serious iPad. A protective case, carefully engineered to provide shock protection for drops, bumps and jolts is what you’re looking for here.

Almost every iPad case on the market will claim to be protective to some degree. The gold standard when it comes to iPad covers is military-grade shock protection, or, to be more specific, adherence to the standard MIL-STD 810G. To meet this standard, an iPad in the cover being tested must be dropped 26 times (landing on each edge, corner and face) from a height of 48 inches, and come out unscathed every single time. 

A versatile case that lets you go hands free

Less important than durability or protective qualities, but still important when it comes to an iPad cover is the way it adapts to your schedule and workflow and makes life easier. Using an iPad without a case means you’re either going to need to hold it in your hand or prop it against some surface or other. When you buy iPad Pro 12.9 case for your device, you’re also buying a stand or mount for your device so that you can use your iPad hands-free, wherever you happen to be. 

Some cases come with tri-fold covers that offer one or two sturdy stand angles. Others, like the Zugu case, are more flexible, so you can choose your preferred angle and orientation when you’re typing, talking, or simply watching videos. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use an iPad when the angle just isn’t quite right, so we recommend going with an iPad case that offers the flexibility you need. 

Other key properties of a great iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen case

There are more important qualities of iPad Pro cases that we don’t have room to go into here. Things like weight, size, look and feel all matter and should be taken into account when you make your iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen case selection.  

If you find a case that is durable and highly protective, with a flexible stand, check out the weight and size and make sure it is something you can live with.  To be protective a case does need to add a little bulk, but you want the total weight of iPad and case to still be something you can manage with one hand. Choose a color and form factor that fit your personal preferences and enable the iPad to ‘reflect you’ in a small way— you’ll thank yourself later. 

Before we go, one quick hint. If you can’t find a case that meets your criteria, look up the Zugu case. It just might.