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Photographer’s guide to an iPad mini case

An iPad mini: a photographer’s best friend

An 8.3 liquid retina display— small enough to fit in your photography bag or coat pocket; large enough to show the fine detail on your most recent shots. 2266 by 1488 resolution at 326 pixels per inch, and 500 nits brightness, with true tone and wide color.  Even with a protective iPad mini case, your new iPad only weights about 500 grams, and that’s a power-packed 500 grams that provides you with a mini portfolio, mini image processor and mini computer, all in one go. 

You can actually bring that weight all the way down to about half if you take the protective case off your iPad mini. But that’s not something you want to do without really thinking it out. A protective case is worth every gram of that extra weight, and it not only keeps your iPad mini safe, it also adds an incredible amount of value to the device. Let’s look at how an iPad mini case can help you on the field, and then go to examine  what a photographer’s ideal case should look like.

How an iPad mini case can help you on the field

Jim and Hank are both photographers, and they both have an iPad mini in their camera bags. Jim likes the sleek look of aluminum and glass, and his iPad looks the same as it did when it came out of the box, plus a few knicks and scratches. Hank bought himself a high quality Zugu iPad mini case for his device.

Jim finds the aluminum and glass slippery to handle, but he’s not going to cover his expensive Apple device with something that obscures its very nature. Hank enjoys the tactile cover of his iPad case and the ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle and manipulate.

When Jim wants to share a slideshow of his portfolio with a potential client, he’ll hold the iPad in front of them, hand it to to the client to hold himself, or just lay it on the table in front of them both. Hank loves the multi-angle stand of his iPad cover, and he’ll just prop his iPad up on the table at an ideal viewing angle for his potential client. 

Both Jim and Hank have apple pencils to use with their iPad for quick navigation and photo editing; Hank also likes to do the odd illustration. Jim’s pencil lives in his camera bag, and he  always takes a few minutes to hunt it up when it is needed. Hank’s pencil has a handy slot on his iPad cover and is always ready to use when he wants it. 

Once Jim’s iPad slipped out of a subject’s fingers when he was fiddling with the model release form.  As luck would have it,the screen shattered, and he had to take it in to AppleCare for repair. A few hundred dollars later, it is as good as new. Hank has had his share of mishaps too: once a grumpy two year old picked up the iPad mini and tossed it across the room. Happily, the shock protective case took the brunt of the impact and the screen and inner workings are all still intact. 

Both men are happy with the way they’ve handled the situation, and neither have any regrets. Hank appreciates that he doesn’t have to worry about his iPad when it’s in his camera bag or he’s out on a shoot. Jim recognizes that life without a case means a little extra care and worry is requisite, but he thinks it’s worth it to be able to see his iPad in its natural state. 

Are you a Jim, or are you a Hank? If, like Jim, you’re willing to put up with inconvenience and extra repairs just so you can enjoy the iPad’s sleek exterior, more power to you. If, though, you’d like to use your iPad mini to its full potential, you’re going to want to stick a case on that baby. 

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What a photographer’s iPad mini 6 case should look like

There aren’t any special iPad mini cases designed for photographers on the market today, but there are some protective covers that are pretty much ideal for those in the picture business. Here are some features you want to be sure you have when you go shopping for an iPad mini 6 case. 

  • 360 degree protection, including a screen flap and bumper corners
  • A versatile stand for when you want to prop your device up
  • Well-engineered vents so your iPad doesn’t heat up
  • Military-spec protection so you know your iPad will be able to handle your rough and tumble life
  • A slot for your pencil and the ability to charge your pencil with the case on.

While this certainly narrows the playing field, there are still a number of iPad cases that fit all these criteria. Read the reviews to find one that is good to look at, durable, and has a great fan base. 

One case which  checks all the boxes is the Zugu iPad mini 6 case. Here’s one five star review among the many on Amazon. 

“Easily the best fitting, most protective case I’ve used… an instant favorite. Pencil fits snugly and is easy to remove. Device is protected completely. Flip cover held firmly in place. Feels substantial and well crafted.”

When it comes down to, that’s where it’s at: the experience of others, who, like you, wanted a durable, well crafted case they could count on. You want to be able to focus on your shots. Get a case that can handle all the rest.