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Ready for a New iPad Pro 12.9-inch Case? Zugu Has You Covered!

When you’re ready to invest in a new purchase, you’re usually focused on making sure that your money is well spent. For example, if you’re looking for a new iPad pro 12.9 3rd gen case 2018, you’ll want to ensure that the case can protect your device exactly the way that it claims.

Cases, whether for a phone or tablet, are primarily designed to keep your device safe from damage. A case that doesn’t protect your device isn’t worth the money, especially if it leads to your device ending up cracked, scratched, or dented.

But, it can be tough to decide which case is worth the investment and which case will disappoint. That’s why we’re here to recommend one of our most popular cases, our iPad Pro 12.9-inch case, compatible with the 3rd generation model of this iPad Pro. This case has a variety of impressive features and, with over 1 million iPad cases sold to date, Zugu is proud to provide a product that its customers love and keep coming back for.

Here are a few of the top features that make this case one of the best on the market:

Five foot drop protection

Zugu is committed to ensuring the safety of your device and a major part of this is offering premium drop protection. That’s why every case, including this one, has five-foot drop protection (military-grade) that is certified using a variety of drop tests. These tests are done on an encased device that is dropped on its sides, face, and body and this certification is only given if the device, after these tests, hasn’t experienced any damages. 

One of the aspects of this case that contribute to the drop protection is the bumpers that line the edges of the case. These bumpers are thick enough to add a layer of security but don’t add any bulk to the case. The main function of these bumpers is shock absorption, helping to prevent the shock from the impact of a fall or drop from radiating across the device. These shockwaves are usually responsible for the cracks and dents that occur during impact. By protecting one of the most vulnerable areas of the device with shock absorbers, the risk of damage is significantly decreased. 

Airflow vents

Devices can sometimes overheat if they’re in cases that don’t allow proper ventilation. This is because the heat that’s generated from using the device can become trapped inside the case, leading to a raising of the device’s internal temperature. This increase in temperature can cause malfunctions that affect your ability to use your device. And, if the device gets too hot, this can actually lead to injuries.

To help prevent overheating, this case has airflow vents built into the sides. These vents allow the heat generated during use to escape instead of building up over time. 

Protective magnetic cover

This case has a protective magnetic cover, lined with a soft microfiber material, that fully covers your screen. The cover is also magnetized to help it remain in place whether open or closed. 

In addition to keeping elements such as dirt and grease from building up on your screen, this cover also ideal for protecting your screen from damage. Since your screen is arguably the most sensitive part of your device, extra protection is always welcome. If your device falls and the cover is closed, the magnets prevent it from opening, reducing the likelihood of your screen making contact direct contact during the fall. 

Adjustable, multi-angle stand

If you’re like most people, you use your iPad Pro in a variety of ways. This usually requires you to view your device in multiple angles and you may not always feel like holding your device while you use it. And, in some cases, holding your device just isn’t possible. With our iPad Pro 12.9-inch case, you have the pleasure of enjoying an adjustable stand with ten different angles. 

With ten angles to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find a position that matches your needs. Need to attend a virtual class and prefer a full 90-degree angle? Or, maybe, you like reading on your device and want a lower, more comfortable angle. This case has the perfect angle for you. The stand is also magnetized to ensure a more secure hold. 

Apple Pencil pocket with wireless charging

Finding a secure place to store your Apple Pencil can be challenging, especially because the accessory can easily be lost or misplaced. The back of this case has an elastic pocket designed to store your Apple Pencil for convenient access. This pocket is designed to be easy to reach but won’t get in the way of you using your device. And, since the pocket is elastic, storing and removing your accessory isn’t difficult and can be done with one hand - a great feature for those mobility issues or if you simply don’t have use of both hands. 

The best purchase you’ll make all year 

When it comes to protecting your device, your best bet is to invest in a case that won’t let you down. Zugu’s iPad pro 12.9 3rd gen case 2018 is highly reviewed for both its protective properties, amazing construction, and practical features. 

If you’re ready to take the leap and find out just why thousands of customers love Zugu cases, jump to our iPad Pro 12.9-inch case’s product page to learn more about this. Or, you head to our website to learn more about our other products