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Reasons to Buy Ipad Mini Case with Pencil Holder

Making the most of your iPad mini

Maybe you’ve just bought yourself a nifty iPad mini, but you don’t have an iPad mini case— yet. Maybe you’ve just taken it out of the white Apple box, or maybe you’ve had it out for a while, busily installing the apps that will help you exploit all the hidden potential of your shiny new device.

The iPad mini is a wonderful device, and you’ve got many productive hours ahead of you — or, if you’re more about entertainment, many fun and interest-filled hours. Installing the right apps is important and will definitely help you make the most of your device. But there’s something else you’ll want to do if you’re really into taking advantage of the iPad’s full potential: buying a cover.

Putting a cover on your iPad means you can take it with you wherever you might go, dropping it in your book bag to be jolted around with your books, keys and snacks or sticking it in your gym bag when you go to get a move on. Here are three reasons you’ll want to buy iPad mini case online— we’ll expand on each of them later.

  • Protect your iPad mini from scratches, dings, and cosmetic blemishes as well as from screen cracks and internal damage
  • Personalize your iPad mini and enable you to pick it out in the crowd
  • Enable hands-free use and provide a safe place to store your pencil 

Here are the details.

Reason #1 to Get an iPad Mini Case: Protect your iPad

An iPad mini may not be as expensive as the 12.9 iPad Pro, but it is still expensive. It’s an investment into your quality of life, and you want to make sure that investment is well protected.

The best way to protect your iPad from nicks, scratches, shattered screens or broken hardware is to keep it in its original box in a quiet drawer somewhere. But if you actually want to use your device, a better route would be to buy a protective case that keeps your iPad safe even while it is out in the world.

An iPad mini case that is well-engineered for protection will be made of shock-absorbing materials that essentially cushion your device if you have the bad luck to drop it. The best cases conform to military shock-protective standards, which mean they’ve been tested by dropping (with iPad mini inside) from a height of 4 feet 26 times with no damage. 

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Reason #2 to Get an iPad Mini Case: Personalize your iPad

A second reason to get an iPad mini case is simply to personalize your device. Straight from the factory, all iPad mini 6 are identical. You can add an engraving, but that won’t do much to combat the generic sterility of the device. 

A case, though, can make all the difference. Choose an iPad cover in a color and style that reflects you, and you’ll always be able to spot it in a crowd. Want something fun and funky? Check out the Casetify lineup. More into something understated but classy, professional enough for the workplace on suit-and-tie days but also versatile enough to fit in at the gym? Zugu is one great option, and it comes with multiple color options. You can also find a variety of iPad mini 6 leather cases if that’s what rocks your boat. 

Reason #3 to Get an iPad Mini Case: Go hands free

Have you tried watching a movie on your brand new iPad mini yet, and found yourself trying to prop the device up against a flower pot? Maybe you gave up and held it up in your hand the whole time so you could keep it at the angle you wanted. Either way, the iPad is not built for convenient hands-free use. There’s no built-in stand, no easy way to mount the device.

Until you add a case. Most iPad cases come with built-in stands that offer multiple angles so you can prop up your iPad exactly the way that suits you— no extra equipment required. Some iPad cases even have extra mounting capabilities, like the Zugu case, which includes built-in magnets so strong you can stick your iPad up on any metal surface (think: refrigerator). 

iPad mini 6 cases with pencil holder also provide a safe, secure, and easy to remember place to keep your Apple Pencil— right next to the iPad, where you're likely to use it most. A pencil-friendly iPad case will typically also allow magnetic charging even when the case is on, a key with the gen 2 pencil. 

Ready to look for an iPad mini case for sale? There is a wide variety up there, so make sure you find one that meets your goals: providing protection, the style you want, and the ability to go hands free. A great case is likely to include other fun and useful features you probably haven’t even thought about, like automatic sleep wake, carefully engineered ventilation, and tactile grip surfaces.  Though it’ll add a little extra weight to your device, it won’t be bulky and difficult to handle. Keep your priorities in front of you when you go shop online for your iPad case, and it won’t be long before you find the perfect cover for your device. If you find yourself getting confused by the huge lineup out there, here’s a hint: look up Zugu case.