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Solving Problems with Your iPad: “My iPad is Disabled”

Have you ever locked yourself out of your computer because you couldn’t remember your password, especially at work or if you just changed it? Your iPad is set up similarly; you can lock yourself out. This is a security measure for your sake, in case someone gets a hold of your iPad or it’s stolen, and he or she tries to use it. Zugu Case, a maker of iPad accessories that includes the best iPad cases, will offer up troubleshooting tips for if you lock yourself out of your iPad and it becomes disabled.

How an Ipad Becomes Disabled

  • First, if you exceed your number of tries for an iPad, you’ll be locked out for one minute.
  • If you continue to try to enter passwords, your iPad will be disabled for five minutes.
  • If you still try to enter passwords (or your baby or child gets a hold of your iPad and does this for you), the iPad will definitely decide you are a bad guy and will disable itself completely. To prevent your baby or child from doing this again, it is possible to childproof your iPad.

How to Re-Enable Your Ipad

Unfortunately, if you or someone else has disabled your iPad permanently, you will have to restore the initial factory settings on your iPad. Again, this is for security reasons. Restoring your iPad’s factory settings wipes your iPad clean and restores your iPad to what it was like when you first took it out of the box. While this may be incredibly frustrating, especially if it was by you or a family member by accident, it’s meant to protect your data from the bad guys who are looking to steal your identity and all your passwords to your bank accounts, etc. Try to remember that in your berating yourself stage. Hopefully, you have at least some of your most important data backed up in the cloud. Furthermore, shared drives are automatically backed up such as Google drive, so any data and/or files you have there will still be accessible. You can save all of your data as well using the following methods:

  • The easiest way to reset your iPad is through iCloud, which you can do through Find my iPad. Log into your iCloud account. Click on Find My iPhone. Choose your iPad. Then click Erase iPad. 
  • You can reset your iPad through iTunes as well. Try to use the same computer you used to set up your iPad. You’ll connect your iPad to the computer using your iPad cable. Launch iTunes, which should start the sync process where you’ll select your iPad and then select Restore and Update. This will backup the data on your iPad before you restore it, and iTunes will remind you to do so as well.
  • If you never set up your iPad with your computer, you can still unlock it by using your iPad’s Recovery mode. Your iPad’s Recovery mode uses iTunes to bypass the normal operation on your iPad. You’ll want to reboot your computer, which can be done by just holding down the Sleep/Wake button for about 20 seconds. Once your iPad shuts down, start it back up again after waiting a few seconds. You’ll need the latest version of iTunes for this to work, which you can download from Apple’s website. Connect your iPad to the computer you just downloaded iTunes to, and open iTunes. Hold down both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until the Connect to iTunes icon pops up, and then it should say Update your iPad. This could take a while for the backup to happen. Then you’ll have to go through the setup process you did when you first bought the iPad. This method is definitely the longest and most complicated of the three.

Make sure you enable Find My iPad, which can help you find your iPad anywhere, including under the couch or between your car seats. Your iPad is a very intelligent device, with built-in systems to protect you and your data. Apple is smart. Very smart.

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