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Taking Your iPad on a Cruise: Must have Apps, Downloads, and iPad Case

Cruising with an iPad

Packing for a cruise is something of an art form. How many dress shirts do you really need, and should you take that second sweater? Should you take the MacBook, or is the iPad in an iPad case enough? Do you need a keyboard, and should you take your bluetooth speaker? If you’re going on a long cruise, you may feel like packing everything but the kitchen sink— but, let’s be honest, there’s not much room inside a stateroom.

Still, an iPad doesn’t take much space. If you use your iPad regularly in day to day life, taking it with you on your cruise is a very good idea. But does it need a case, and if so, which one? Are there apps you’ll want to install before you go, or downloads that are worth having with you? Let’s look at the nitty gritty of iPads on cruises, especially what you want to do before you go.

What to do before you go

It turns out an iPad is a lifesaver on cruises and other trips when you simply can’t pack much. Inside your iPad is an entertainment center, a bookshelf, a picture gallery, a camera, and dozens of other things. All that in a slim bit of aluminum and glass that hardly weighs a pound (less, if you’ve got a mini.)

Of course, that’s only if you’ve set it up right. Here’s a list of what you want to do before you go if you’re to get the biggest benefit from your nifty device. 

  • Update your app list, installing apps you’re likely to want on your adventure
  • Download books and movies to read while you’re on ship
  • Set up Find My so that you’ll be able to locate a misplaced tablet
  • Buy a sturdy iPad case for your device

Setting up Find My is simple. Downloading books and movies should be a no-brainer. Solet’s look at the other two. Why do you need a case for your device, and how should you buy it? When you’ve got that covered: what apps do you need?

Buying an iPad Case for your device

You can get an iPad case almost anywhere: at Walmart, Amazon, or online. But before you buy, think about why you’re making this purchase, and why it’s one of the first things to do when you’re getting ready for a cruise.

The key theme when you’re traveling should always be: protection. If you’re home and your iPad screen gets busted, all you need to do is bring it in to the local Apple store for an AppleCare repair. On a cruise, it’s not that simple. If your iPad breaks, you’re out of an iPad for the remainder of the journey.

And iPads do break, especially when you’re out of your routine in an always-moving stateroom without the dozens of safe places to keep things that you have at home. This is when you want your iPad inside a shock-protective iPad case that’s been tested time and again and found to effectively protect the iPad inside even when dropped or knocked around. 

The best iPad Pro 11 inch case for the cruise life

So what is the best iPad Pro 11 inch case for the cruise life? First off, find something with top notch protection. Once you’ve got a list of possibilities that provide that, you’ll want to start thinking of all your other preferred features: color, texture, look and feel. You probably will make good use of the built-in stand that most cases come with. Is it important to you to have multiple viewing angles, or do you not care? 

The best iPad Pro 11 inch case for cruise life should provide everything you want in one neat bundle. One great option is the Zugu case: well-built and good to look at, it offers you 10 secure viewing angles and has been tested and found to comply with military shock-protection standards. The case also features automatic sleep/wake, and there’s a built-magnet strong enough to keep the iPad up on any metal surface, should you want it mounted up there. 

Apps to take along

Got your iPad case bought and snugly installed on your device? Good job. Now it’s time to look at the apps you have downloaded, and see if there’s anything more you want to add to your repertoire. 

Some of these you may already have, but if not, take a few minutes now to install them:

  • Google Translate, both for any ports you may call into as well as to enable you to communicate with any exotic neighbors the cruise may offer you.
  • Duolingo, so you can spend your downtime actually learning relevant languages and impress the locals.
  • Google Earth, so you can have a virtual peek at all the places you don’t anchor at.
  • Cruisemapper, where you can monitor the location of your ship or see what other cruises are near you.
  • Relive, for a fun way to retell your story when you come home.

Ofcourse, if your cruise line has its own branded app you’ll want to download that as well. These apps are sometimes chock-full of useful information and can also make check-in and check-out a breeze. 

Got your iPad case, your apps, and some useful downloads? Have you set up Find My for your device? It sounds like you’re ready to go! Have fun, and don’t forget the sunblock!