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The 5 Best iPad Cases of 2021 for Ultimate Durability, Style, and Protection

If you’re on the hunt for “the best” iPad case, you may have trouble figuring out where to start. Although it’s clear it’s meant to protect your iPad - what really makes a case “the best”? The truth is, the price or brand name of a case can’t tell you that it’s the right option for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a ranking of five of the best iPad cases - we’ve done the hard work to save you both your time and your money. 

1. Zugu Case

Coming in at number one is Zugu, one of the most highly reviewed iPad case retailers on the market. Zugu iPad cases are built to last and the company backs up the durability of its cases with a 60-day risk-free guarantee. You’ll also receive an automatic 2-year warranty when you purchase a case, which you won’t find with many other iPad case companies. 

Each case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, both materials that are regularly used in engineering and to make safety equipment like life-saving safety helmets and bullet resistant glass. 

In addition to durability, Zugu cases also come with features like adjustable stands for easy hands-free use, airflow vents to keep your device cool, and an auto sleep/wake magnetic cover for added protection. The back of each case is also a magnet and can be stuck to any metal surface, such as a refrigerator door or magnetized chalkboard. Depending on your case of choice, you can choose between fun colors like Executive Brown, Navy Blue, or Purple or opt for the ever-classic solid Black. 

Zugu cases are top-tier, highly rated, and expertly priced to reflect their value without breaking your budget. Many reviews even hair Zugu cases as the best iPad Pro cases currently available. If you’d like to experience the wonder or a Zugu case yourself, click here to explore options for the newest generation iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air 10.9 Case, and iPad Mini. 

2. Apple Smart Cover

At number two is the Apple Smart Cover, a product of Apple Inc. If you don’t want a case that adds too much bulk or extra weight to your iPad, the Apple Smart Cover is a great option. 

Its exterior is made from TPU and is designed to keep your iPad free from scratches, even during a fall. Although there’s no attached stand, this smart cover can be folded into different positions if you need to prop your device for reading or making a FaceTime call.

The downside? This case covers just the front of your iPad but leaves the back of the device exposed. It’s amazing if you’re looking for a stylish way to keep your screen safe, but isn’t ideal if you want full coverage for both the front and back of your iPad Pro 12.9 Case. Although the Apple Smart Cover is a slightly more risky choice, its extensive color options and aesthetic design make it an easy addition to our list. 

3. ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case

Much like the previous case, the ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case is ideal for anyone that wants protection without the bulk.

This case, also made from TPU, has a front cover made from vegan leather that is trendy but also offers incredible protection. You can fold its magnetic cover into a stand and use the cover’s auto sleep/wake feature to easily turn off or on your screen. The only downside? The ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case has a flexible, crack-resistant back covering that is easy to remove and grip but isn’t great for security in case of a fall. 

You should stay clear of this case if the flexible backing makes you nervous. But, if you’re interested in a case that keeps your iPad lightweight and has a silky-smooth, comfortable finish, then you’ve found the right product. 

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4. JETech Case

The JETech Case is an affordable iPad case that wraps the sides, back, and front of your device. Built from both polyurethane (not TPU) and PC, the case is designed for 360-degree shock absorption that to prevent cracks and dents from dropping. Plus, the soft interior of the case cover prevents micro-scratches and fingerprint marks from oily or sticky hands. 

You have a wide range of color options for this case, but it’s only available for the iPad - this case isn’t compatible with iPad Pro or iPad Air. Although it isn’t made from thermoplastic polyurethane, it is incredibly cost-effective if you need a budget-friendly option. Since this case is affordable, but still offers amazing protection, it’s a good choice if you like to change your iPad color often. Simply purchase a few of your favorite colors and switch them around as you like. 

5. Targus VersaVu iPad Case

The Targus VersaVu iPad Case is compatible with multiple iPad models, including newer and older generations of the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. They also offer a case for the iPad Mini Case, which can often be one of the more forgotten models for case options. 

Designed with a molded exterior, this case has a real leather cover that can be bent into a variety of positions for easy propping. The case’s soft interior extends past its cover and into the inside of the back of the case, keeping your device safe from scratches and scrapes from every angle. As with many popular cases, its cover features an on/off function that helps save battery or serves as a quick method of activating your device’s screen. 

Although aesthetically pleasing, the Targus VersaVu iPad case is not as durable as many others. Since it isn’t made of hard plastic, your device may be more easily damaged during falls. If keeping your case secure is number one on your list, then this may not be the case you need. But, if you prefer a case for iPad Pro 10.2 Case, iPad Air, or iPad that is incredibly stylish and gives it an air of professionalism and class, then this case might just be right for you.