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The 7 Best Magnetic Cases for iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation

Your iPad Pro 12.9 deserves the best when it comes to cases. While basic leather, silicon or cloth cases do exist, a premium iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation case will have a magnetic hold that allows it to snap shut, adhere to metal surfaces, and even pass charge through (think: Apple Pencil). Magnetic cases cost a little more, but that cost is more than made up for in extra functionality.

Here are the seven best magnetic cases for the iPad Pro 12.9. We’ve got a clear favorite, but honestly, each has its own loyal fan base. The key is to know what you’re going for in a case, and to ensure your chosen case meets that criteria. 

Zugucase IPad Pro 12.9 Case

The Zugucase is one of the more expensive models on our list, but it really delivers. 5 ft drop protection and a 10 angle magnetic stand means your iPad Pro 12.9 can be with you anywhere, and viewable from any angle. Stick it on your fridge, and it’ll actually stay put; the magnets are that strong. 

Fans would call this case ‘sturdy’ rather than ‘lightweight’, but you can’t have paper thin when you’re going for military grade shock protection.  The Zugu team is so sure they’ve got the best that they’ll even offer an AppleCare+ guarantee— if your screen breaks while it’s in your Zugucase, they’ll cover the repair cost. 

JeTech Magnetic Case

If you’ve got a sub-$20 budget the JETech Magnetic Case for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch may be the case for you. In fact, you may even be able to get it for sub-$10 depending on the day you buy from Amazon— and which coupons are available. Unlike the 5th generation iPad Zugucase, which works for only the 2021 model, this iPad case is appropriate for 2021, 2020, and 2018 models, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation. This case features a slim, lightweight design, but it still provides some protection. The JeTech can support your iPad in two viewing positions, and magnets help keep the front cover in place when you want it to be protected.

Ztotop iPad 12.9 Case

For those into a leather-look there’s the Ztotop 12.9 case.  Made of vegan PU leather exterior and a soft microfiber lining, this magnetic iPad case features three stand slots for an adjustable angle. A single strap allows for one-handed use, without distracting from the otherwise sleek interior. While this case does not offer the same level of protection as the Zugucase, users report satisfaction with a reasonable level of performance and the confidence that they can ‘always buy another’ when the case starts to wear out. 

Finitie Slim Soft TPU Cover

If you’re nostalgic for school-day composition books the Finitie Slim Soft TPU cover is a nice option. There aren’t a whole lot of magnets in this case, but the built-in magnets are enough to provide a sleep/wake function and charge your apple pencil.  According to reviewers, the main issue with this iPad case cover is that it doesn’t work with a screen protector. Are you willing to leave off the protector, and trust in the protection of your TPU cover? It’s a tough call. 

Finitie Hybrid Slim Case

While we’re on the topic of Finitie cases, another popular option is the Finitie Hybrid Slim case. This one features a transparent back cover, allowing you to show off that apple logo and sleek aluminum chaise in all its glory. A magnetic front cover protects the front, and can also be folded back to provide a kick-stand for the iPad. Reviews are a bit mixed as to just how close fitting this is, and some suggest it might be ‘too close for comfort’ with the fatter 5th generation iPad. Other users, however, claim it fits like a glove. 

ESR Hybrid Case

The ESR Hybrid case has an innovative way of dealing with the front-or-no-front debate: this case comes with a clear polycarbonate back and a magnetic front cover that is actually removable. If you keep it on, you can use it as a stand with three viewing angles. Reviewers rave about the ‘super nice case’ but do complain that it ‘doesn’t stay closed’. If you’re going to be in situations where that front cover staying closed is important, maybe look at our other options. Otherwise, it’s a spiffy cover.

Soke New IPad Pro Case

Let’s finish this roundup with another budget option: the Sok New iPad Pro Case. This magnetic iPad cover comes in sixteen colors, and is well rated by users who appreciate what they can get for the minimum price. Your iPad will be protected by a hard PC back, and a magnetic screen cover doubles as a three-fold origami stand. This case is thinner and also lighter than a full-protection case like the Zugucase, and users appreciate they can pop their iPad in and out quickly for use with the Apple Magic Keyboard.

So there you have it— seven of the best magnetic cases for the iPad 12.9 5th generation. Each of these covers have hundreds of all star reviews on Amazon, and each has their own special user niche. 

Maybe we’re biased, but we love the Zugucase: protection you can count on, a ten angle magnetic stand, and super-strong magnet holds that allow you to view your screen in comfort from anywhere. But if you’re all about transparent cases, for instance, you might be happier with a Finite or ESR. If you’ve got an under $20 budget, go with the JeTech— you get what you paid for, but your JeTech case will be worth every penny of what you pay. 

What are you looking for when you shop for a magnetic iPod case, and what does your ideal cover look like? Is weight a deciding factor, or is shock protection what you look at first? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.