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The Best 7th/8th Generation iPad 10.2-inch Case for Students

As summer draws to a close, students of all ages are preparing to head back to school. Kindergarteners, middle school students, high-schoolers, and college kids - all prepped and ready to start their new school year. Since technology is a major aspect of education (no matter what grade level), new devices, like tablets and computers, are likely on everyone’s back-to-school list. And, for every device (new or old), a protective case is a necessity. 

If you (or your child) will be returning to school with an iPad (7th or 8th generation), you’ll need a case to keep the device safe. Everyone knows that accidents happen - no matter how hard you work to prevent them. That’s why you should invest in Zugu’s iPad 10.2  case for the 7th and/or 8th generation iPad. Zugu cases are popular because they work - once the case is on, your worries are over.

Not quite convinced? Here are a few reasons why Zugu’s iPad 10.2-inch case is the best case for students heading back to school in the fall. 

Amazing craftsmanship and excellent materials

One of the reasons that Zugu’s cases are so highly-sought is because each one is constructed using only the best materials. These cases are made from TPU and PC, two hard plastics that are commonly used to create bullet resistant glass and safety helmets. These materials are industry-standard and are proven to be durable and long-lasting. 

In addition to the high-quality materials, Zugu cases are crafted to perfectly fit your device. Some iPad cases, even if they claim to be for your iPad model, are too tight, too loose, or have portholes that are misaligned or poorly cut. 

Magnetic stand with multi-angle adjustments

When you’re up late studying or in virtual school, being able to prop up your device is important. Some cases don’t have a stand, while others only have stands that offer one or two positions. This Zugu case has eight possible positions, over two times more than the average iPad case on the market. Need to read up on some literature for English class? You can find an angle for that. Have some artwork to complete for your final project? With over eight different options, you’re sure to find an angle that’s perfect for you. 

And, since the stand is magnetic, you won’t have to worry about the legs of the stand falling out of place. Once your stand is propped, it will stay secure and sturdy until you change its position. Some stands are too weak to hold the weight of the iPad and, after some time, can drop suddenly out of position, potentially damaging the iPad as it does so. A flimsy stand is another headache you don’t have to worry about with your Zugu iPad 10.2 case

Microfiber lining for screen protection

Dust, grease, lint, and moisture are unavoidable. Keeping your screen free from these elements can help prevent scratches and build-up that can make it difficult to view your screen. Each case has a cover with a soft microfiber lining that, when closed, keeps these elements off of your screen. And, even if you do get dust or grease on your screen, the lining prevents micro-scratches by trapping these particles so they cannot move freely across your screen and cause damage. Since students are often on the go and carry their iPad in their backpacks or bags, screens are often very susceptible to accidents. This cover ensures that the device’s screen is safe. 

The lining is also essential for protection if your device falls or is dropped. The material cushions the screen during impact, which reduces the likelihood of cracks, big or small. 

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Airflow vents for heat reduction

It’s not unheard of to use an iPad for hours at a time. Students, especially, are known for being on their devices for hours, whether doing school work or just scrolling the web during downtime. All electronic devices generate heat as they’re being used. This heat, without a case, is released and, although the device may warm up a bit, doesn’t significantly raise the device’s temperature. However, when a device has a case on it, the material of the case often traps this heat, preventing it from escaping. The heat then builds up and causes the device’s temperature to rise to dangerous levels. 

An overheating device is problematic because it can fry the device’s internal mechanisms and cause malfunction. It can also be a safety problem. If the device gets too hot it can cause injuries, like serious burns. With Zugu, each case has built-in airflow vents that allow heat to escape. These vents ensure that your device never gets too hot, no matter how long you use it for. Need to pull an all-nighter and don’t want your device to overheat? Zugu case has you covered. 

Fortified bumpers for shock absorption

The most important function of a case is to keep your iPad 10.2 case free from dents, cracks, and scratches. How does Zugu do this? By fortifying the edges of the case with bumpers that act as expert-level shock absorption. These bumpers are thick but don’t add any unnecessary bulk or weight to the case. The edges of the device are often the most vulnerable and are easily cracked and damaged. Due to these dedicated bumpers, the shock of a fall is absorbed and doesn’t radiate across the device. Every Zugu case has military-level drop protection, ensuring your device is secure and damage-free, even after a major fall.

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