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The Best iPad 5th Generation Cases of 2021, According to Designers

With so many brands available, finding the perfect iPad case can be tricky. But, thanks to expert product reviews, you no longer have to scour the internet for hours to narrow down your options. The best cases around aren’t often the ones that are the most expensive or even the most well-known. The cases that are worth an investment are the ones that back up their promises of durability and protection, while also offering ease of use features like stands, mounts, and device cooling. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best iPad 5th generation cases available on the market, according to designers. 

Zugu 5th/6th Generation Case

First on the list is Zugu, a popular iPad Pro 12.9 case retailer known for durable, expertly-made products. Although Zugu makes cases for virtually every iteration of the iPad (including the Pro, Air, and the Mini), we’ll focus on iPad 5th generation cases. 

Zugu’s 5th generation case is also compatible with iPad’s 6th generation model, which makes it a convenient purchase if you ever need to upgrade. Every case is made with TPU, a high-quality hard plastic that is often in use on construction sites and to create safety equipment. They also contain polycarbonate, another high-grade plastics compound used to create heavy-duty items such as bullet-resistant glass. Because of the durability of its material makeup, a Zugu case will often outlast the device it protects. 

In addition to the tough exterior, each case also has a soft microfiber interior to prevent scratches and oil buildup on your device’s screen. Cases can often cause iPads to overheat, so, to prevent this, Zugu cases all have airflow vents that help regulate your device’s temperature. 

The back of the case is magnetized and can be mounted to any metal surface. There’s also an adjustable stand that can be propped in eight different ways for easy reading, movie watching, or general hands-free use.

Have an Apple Pencil that you want to keep close to your iPad? This case has a secure elastic pocket on its back where you can store your Apple Pencil for easy access. The auto sleep/wake feature and magnetic protective cover are just a few more of the great features that you’ll get with a Zugu case. If you’d like to explore Zugu’s case options, click here to check out one of the best iPad 5th generation cases out right now. 

DTTO Leather Case

The DTTO Leather Case is great for anyone that loves the smooth look and feel of leather, without needing the real thing. This case is made of an exceptional quality synthetic leather and has an interior cushioned with a microfiber lining to safeguard your screen. 

Available in a variety of colors, the DTTO Leather case features a multi-function design that includes a pocket for safe storage of items like credit cards, business cards, and cash. The back cover is soft and flexible, which makes it easy to take on and off as neeed. A honeycomb pattern built into the back of the case allows for heat release through thermal dissipation, keeping your device cool. 

You also have carrying options with the DTTO Leather Case as the back cover is fitted with an elastic band and exterior hand strap. You can use the band to keep the front cover in an open or closed position while still having access to the hand strap for a safe hold. If you want a case that is durable, but offers a bit of flexibility, the DTTO Leather Case is an ideal option. 

Otter Box Defender Series Case

The Otter Box Defender Series Case is perfect if you want a case that’s built more for security than for aesthetics. There aren’t many color options for this case, but what its lacks in color variety, it makes up for in amazing protection. 

It has a triple-layer defense system composed of a touchscreen protector, slipcover, and inner shell. Unlike some other cases, it also has port covers that can keep your ports clear of dust, debris, and water. You won’t be able to use it with the Apple Smart Keyboard or Apple Smart Cover, but it does include a slot to store your Apple Pencil.

Made from polycarbonate, polyester, and synthetic rubber, the Otter Box Defender Series case is designed to keep your device safe at all costs. The case’s front panel wraps around the edges of your screen to help prevent cracks in the event of a fall. The front cover can also be turned into an adjustable stand. 

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Sup case Unicorn Beetle

The Sup case Unicorn Beetle iPad case is an affordable option that still offers expert protection. It has a dual-layer hybrid casing made from TPU that absorbs and distributes shock to prevent damage during a fall. It also has a retractable kickstand that you can pop out to use your device hands-free. 

Available in a wide range of colors, including Metallic Purple and Rose Gold, the Sup case Unicorn Beetle may not be as fancy as other cases, but it does its job well. The top layer of the case is the front cover, which fits snugly over the front of the device to offer more durable screen protection. Each of the device’s inner corners is cushioned by the case to prevent edge damage, which is often the area that is most susceptible to cracks and dents. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly iPad 5th generation case with practical features, Sup case's Unicorn Beetle is a great place to start.