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The Best iPad Air Cases of 2021

Need a new case for your iPad Air and not sure where to start? The key to finding the best iPad Air 10.9 case on the market is to narrow the thousands of options down to a few, solid choices. But, the process of narrowing down your options can often be a time-consuming and tedious task.

So, we’ve done the tough work for you and listed out some of the best iPad Air cases available. Whether you have a newer model or are rocking a later generation, these cases are all amazing choices.  

Zugu iPad Air Case

Zugu iPad Air Case

First on the list is Zugu, a popular iPad accessory company well-known for its durable, expertly-made cases. These cases are constructed from PC and TPU, which are used in construction and engineering to create strong, long-lasting, reliable materials. 

This iPad Air case comes with wireless charging capabilities for your Apple Pencil and even has a pocket for easy storage. The case converts into an adjustable stand with eight possible positions you can prop your device in. If you like to use your iPad to read, watch movies, or play games, being able to adjust it in so many positions is super useful.

Airflow vents built into the case help to keep your device cool and prevent overheating. The protective cover is magnetized and designed to activate the sleep/wake feature on your iPad. The back of the case is also magnetized and can be mounted to any metal surface for hands-free use. 

Zugu has options for both the 4th generation iPad Air, the 3rd generation, and the 1st generation. If you’d like to explore Zugu’s iPad Air cases, click here. 

Pro Case iPad Air

Pro Case iPad Air

The ProCase iPad Air case is designed to be simple and lightweight. Its trifold front cover morphs into a convenient stand that props your iPad to the perfect height. The back cover of the case is hard but doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to your device. You still get full protection - without the weight. 

The frosted design of the back cover lets the Apple logo show through, and makes it easy to showcase your iPad’s color. Simplicity is the real motivation behind this case and ProCase has mastered the art beautifully, without leaving users with a boring or unwhelming design. This case is compatible with wireless Apple Pencil charging, so you’ll never have to remove it to recharge your accessory. 

If you need a stylish, affordable iPad air case, ProCase covers all the basics. 

Fintie Case for iPad Air

Fintie Case for iPad Air

The Fintie Case for iPad Air comes in a variety of bright colors and patterns, a surefire way to make your iPad case stand out from the crowd. It comes with a document and cardholder that is designed to help you easily store bank cards, cash, business cards, and other important items. 

The case is made from premium composition leather and boasts a microfiber interior that saves your screen from scratches, dirt and dust. The Fintie Case for iPad Air also has corner protection, ensuring that even a fall won’t cause damage to your device.

Three anti-slip strips are built into the inside of the case to provide a few options for propping your device. 

Want a case that’s colorful and unique? Consider the Fintie Case for iPad Air, one of the best iPad Air cases for one-of-a-kind patterns and designs. 

Cousper Case for iPad Air 

Cousper Case for iPad Air

The Cousper Case for iPad Air has a little bit of everything you need. A range of color options for any style and preference, Apple Pencil wireless charging capabilities, and a durable PU leather exterior.

Much like the Fintie Case, Cousper Cases are designed to catch the eye with mesmerizing colors and patterns. Your color options include everything from Rose Pink and Coral, to Match Green and Royal Black. 

This case has a built-in holder for your Apple Pencil and a magnetized smart cover to support your iPad’s sleep/wake setting. Like the ProCase, this case has a trifold adjustable stand and can be placed into several different positions for viewing. The Cousper Case is one of the most affordable on the list - great for your wallet and your style! 

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Infiland iPad Air

Infiland iPad Air

If you prefer a bit of flexibility in your case, the INFILAND iPad Air case has got you covered. Made from soft TPU and PU faux leather, this case takes a more gentle approach to protect your device.

Instead of being made of hard plastic, this case uses shock-absorption design techniques to keep your iPad safe. The corners of the case are enhanced to prevent damage to the corners of your device, which are often the first place that iPad users see wear and tear show up.

Charge your Apple Pencil with the case still on by placing it in the holder specifically built into the case. Unlike other cases, the pencil holder keeps the accessory supported on three sides, but still easily accessible. 

The clear back of this case is perfect for those who want to maintain the look and feel of their iPad Air Case without sacrificing its protection. This case manages to be high-quality without being costly - so you don’t have to choose between device security and your budget. Want a functional case with a bit of character? Try the INFILAND case for iPad Air, compatible with any generation, for a simple, affordable case.