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The Best iPad Pro 12.9 Case for Note Taking

For whatever reason you may be an avid notetaker, finding the right gadgets and tools can make the process much easier. While some people still use more traditional methods to take notes (read: pen and paper), many others have swapped to using technology, such as an iPad, to assist in note taking. 

If you’re one of the more tech-savvy tablet notetakers, you’ll know that it isn’t all about the technology. Let’s say you have an iPad Pro 12.9 that you use to diligently take notes during class or meetings -- it’s not just your tablet that needs to be reliable. The case that you choose for your device is an important puzzle piece, whether you need an iPad 9.7 case or a case for your iPad Pro. And, finding an iPad Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder (for your Apple Pencil!) is an even bigger bonus. 

Whether you’re a university notetaker or a business professional who jots down main points in meetings, we’ve got the perfect suggestion for your new iPad Pro 12.9 case. Keep reading to find out why we think this case is the best on the market for note taking. 

Elastic Apple Pencil pocket and wireless Apple Pencil charging compatibility

If you’re an avid notetaker, you likely have invested in an Apple Pencil to help make taking your notes just a bit easier. And, if you understand just how useful this pencil is, keeping it safe by using an iPad Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder is your best bet. 

Thankfully, this case has an Apple Pencil pocket on the back that not only snugly holds your accessory, but also is compatible with wireless charging. The pocket is elastic and is designed to be tight enough to hold the Apple Pencil securely while also being loose enough to easily store and remove the pencil. The elastic material is high-quality, so you don’t have to be afraid of rough fibers scratching the body of the pencil as you store and remove it. 

If you’ve invested in a later generation Apple Pencil, your pencil will wirelessly charge from inside the pocket while you charge your device. Once you put your device to charge, you can keep the pencil in the pocket and never have to worry about running into a low battery again. 

Rugged TPU + PC shell for military-grade protection

The protection that your case provides you is essential, regardless of what you do on your device. The shell of this case is made from hard plastics that are generally used in the construction of safety equipment and medical machinery. These plastics, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC), are incredibly durable and help make this iPad Pro 12.9 case able to withstand even the most severe impacts. 

And, for added protection, there are bumpers on the edges of this case that offer amazing shock absorption. So, you have the benefit of the durability of the hard-plastic shell plus the shock absorption from the case’s thick protective bumpers. This combination of features gives this case military-grade drop protection, which is the highest drop protection possible. This case has been drop tested from a height of at least 5 ft and is certified to be capable of preventing damage to your device from this height. True military-grade drop protection is rare and, often, it can cost upwards of $100 to purchase a case with this feature. Thankfully, this case for the iPad Pro 12.9 won’t break the bank, but can still provide you expert-level protection. 

10-angle adjustable stand

Notetaking requires you to use your device at a variety of angles. Every person will have a different angle that’s the most comfortable, so versatility in the case you purchase is essential. When you opt for this case, you get the benefit of being able to angle your device in any direction you need. Whether you feel greater comfort viewing your device at almost a full 90-degrees, or the opposite, at the lowest point of less than 45-degrees, there’s an option for you. And, although this is an iPad Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder, the adjustable stand is placed to ensure you can still access your pencil at any time. 

The legs of the stand are magnetized to ensure a stronger, more secure hold. You can prop your device without any fear of the stand’s legs slipping or sliding out of place. Plus, the bottoms of the legs are outfitted with small stoppers that help them fit snugly into the indents on the back of the case. The magnets are so secure that you can move your case while in a propped position and it will remain propped with no issue. 

Secure magnetic mount capability

The mount capability of this case is one of its most impressive. The magnets on the back of the case are designed to be strong enough to allow your encased device to be mounted to any metal surface -- without gravity causing the device to fall or slide. This mounting feature is the case’s second hands-free feature and makes it easy for you to use your device in a hands-off way without using the adjustable stand. 

In the kitchen and need your device to follow a recipe? Mount the device to your stainless steel refrigerator and keep it from pasta sauce, water, and sticky hands. Or, if you’re at school or in an office, you can use the magnetic mounting feature to attach your case to a cabinet or magnetized board. There are multiple ways to utilize this feature and each way makes it easy and hassle-free to use your device any way you need to.