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The NEW Case Genius Exec

Are you looking for a case for your iPad Air 10.9 Case? If you’ve used our Case Genius models, then you know that there is no iPad case in the world that can come close to the amount of angles our Case Genius offers while keeping the iPad extremely secure in every angle.

But we have to be honest. The past designs may have a couple of compromises like a not-so-sleek design and exposed sticky velcro that can catch on clothes or any fabric when the case is in the closed position. There is also still a lack of protection even though there were extended edges to protect the corners.

Because we value customers’ feedback about our products, we have improved on the Case Genius Pro and created the new Case Genius Exec. After years of prototyping, it is by far quite superior than its predecessor. To solve all the concerns encountered with the previous model, we came up with an incredible redesign that is not only gorgeous, but also with an improved functionality. It is way better than before!

New Improvements:

– No Exposed Sticky Velcro

– Covered Corners

– More secure kickstand

– Improved Drop Protection

– Plastic Shell With Finger Tabs For Easy iPad Removal

– Secure Magnetic Cover With Magnetic Flap To Keep Case Securely Closed

If you liked the Case Genius Pro you will LOVE the Case Genius Exec! The case will be on pre-order starting Oct 14th and will ship by Oct 20th.