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Top 3 Apps for PPC

PPC or pay-per-click marketing has grown exponentially over the past few years. Gone are the days when a company pays for an advert in a magazine or television to reach out to its target audience. Mobile phones and devices such as the iPad made the internet instantly accessible. People focus on what they see online when scrolling through a webpage, social media, or searching for a specific product. And that is where PPC comes in. A well-curated PPC campaign can increase awareness about a business by 80 percent. The return on investment, or ROI, can go up to 200 percent – giving you a return of $10 for every $5 spent. The majority of all this movement happens on mobile devices.

PPC’s popularity and success led to the growth of various popular networks with multinationals and corporations. However, starting in the world of PPC can be confusing. Here are our top three apps to use, followed by some tips to get the ball rolling.

1. Facebook Ads Manager

Love it or hate it, Facebook can take your business places. With more than 80 percent of online users holding a Facebook account, a strong PPC campaign can help you reach new markets and target thousands of first-time customers. The app, renamed Meta Ads Manager, gives you complete control over your campaigns anytime, anywhere.

You can handle various campaigns simultaneously and compare and contrast statistics through its easy-to-use interface. Switch your PPC off and on at the touch of a button. In addition, Meta Ads Manager provides constant alerts and updates on any changes to the campaign, giving you complete command. You can target your audience by age, location, gender, device, interest, and language. Use the app to extend your ads to Messenger and Instagram, giving you a wider reach. Also, running over budget is not an option as you can input how much to spend in a day or over an extended period.

2. Microsoft Ads App

Bing is to Microsoft as Facebook is to social media. This app gives you access to all of Microsoft’s search network, or Bing, and its partner sites. Although one might ask how many people use Bing with Google's presence on the net, the answer might surprise you. In the US alone, Bing controls around 36 percent of desktop searches. In just one month, 126 million unique users in the US ran six billion searches. As a result, this is not a platform to underestimate.

Using the Microsoft Ads app is easy. Stay on top of your expenditure with notifications that warn you when your spending rules or credit cards are about to expire. Watch the growth, or lack of, your ads with their graphs and visuals. Or compare ongoing campaigns and tweak and adjust accordingly. In fact, the app is excellent for making any changes to your budgets, campaigns, bids, and status – even when you are on the go. And, if something does go wrong, you can always turn to Microsoft Ads support at any time of the day or night.

3. AdWords

Google is synonymous with internet searching. So much so that it’s no surprise that the word “Google” is listed as a verb in the Oxford English dictionary, the highest authoritative dictionary of the language. The internet’s most powerful engine runs more than 70,000 searches every second, amounting to more than 5.4 billion a day. One way of harnessing this limitless pool of customers is through its app – AdWords.

Through AdWords, your PPC can appear in Google Search results, mobile apps, websites, and videos. You can choose to increase bookings and grow online sales. Or set up mailing list signups with mobile ads that direct people to a website. AdWords works across all of Google’s apps, including Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play, etc. AdWords provides you with a series of recommendations to constantly improve your ad's performance. Like the other two apps, you have complete control over your spending. Pause and restart it when you need to. Keep a close eye on your campaign stats with their in-depth metrics. Find out which ads need editing or boosting while tracking their success with the app’s optimization score.

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Tips to Improve your PPC

  • Choose Your Goals

Setting down your goals before starting a PPC is crucial. There is a difference between generating sales, website traffic, and increasing revenue. Each one requires a set of elements that will affect your PPC’s conversion rate and requires different ad copy.

  • Make an Emotional Connection

Creating a connection with your target audience is one of the critical essentials for any successful PPC. A successful campaign should either solve a problem or use an emotional trigger for the user to link to the product or service. Use the ads to showcase the benefits while creating a call to action for results.

  • Stay Comfortable

Consistency is the key to a successful PPC, which constantly has to be monitored. Working off an iPad can be tiring, especially when on the go. Find an iPad case, such as those made by Zugu, that combines comfort and protection. Not only do you have eight angled slots, each fitted with a magnet, to prop the iPad up comfortably, but it provides maximum drop protection for your device.