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Top Apps for Small Business Owners

Setting up your own business is the way to go, and more people are taking the plunge. In the third quarter of 2022, 1.2 million new business applications were submitted in the U.S. alone. And this figure does not take into account entrepreneurs working as sole traders. It is easy to understand why so many want to become their bosses.

You earn your own money and can choose your working hours. However, the process is not simple – running a business alone can be exhausting and lonely, but we've found the perfect apps to help you.


Strong SEO is key to any successful online business. Semrush ranks among the top SEO keyword research tools. Use Semrush for your keyword research while tracking the ones used by your competitors. The app also audits your blogs' SEO and checks all the backlinking. This app is used by small and large businesses alike, which is a testament to its reliability and effectiveness.


Slack is one of many popular communication apps that allows you to keep in touch with freelancers, assistants, team members, accountants, or whoever collaborates with you. Sometimes you need a tool that is faster than email but more organized. Slack is the ideal business messaging app that is also secure and safe.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting apps that integrates with many other software apps. Quickbooks does your tax accounting, payroll, profit analysis, and inventory management. Single entrepreneurs and small businesses use it. There are various levels of Quickbooks that suit your needs. Manage your expenses, track miles, create invoices and generate reports with QuickBooks while always on the go.

Quickbooks Online also has a payment provider app called QuickBooks GoPayment that allows you to swipe a card, scan it with your camera app, or input details for payment. You can review the analytics data and see which are your best-selling items.


Zoom’s use as a communication platform skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone was working from home. There is a good reason for that – Zoom is an easy-to-use platform where people can connect by phone, audio, video, and chat. It also includes a whiteboard feature, and you can set up a webinar where hundreds of people can join.


Trello is an organizational app that simplifies workflow and allows you to manage your projects from anywhere. It is a visual tool that tells you at a glance the status of a project, who is working on it, and the deadline. You can add checklists, files, and task tracking. Using Trello is easy, and its simplified card-based interface leaves no room for errors. You can even add new Trello cards directly from Slack without switching apps.

Good Notes

Good Notes is the perfect note-taking app that organizes your written and typed notes or documents. You can search through typed text, handwritten notes, PDF text, folders, and document titles. Sort everything in folders and subfolders – there is no limit to how many you can create. Choose your favorites to always keep at hand. The app allows you to add hyperlinks in the notes to articles, videos, and websites for easier access. Sync all your notes to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for additional peace of mind.

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Top iPad Accessories

Apple Pencil

This Apple Pencil second generation to write notes, jot down ideas, or even doodle while concentrating. It is one of the best stylus pens on the market and has pressure and tilt sensitivity and almost imperceptible lag. The Apple Pencil also has palm rejection technology, which allows you to rest your hand on the iPad screen without damaging or messing up your work. Use the double-tap feature to switch pen styles. Convert your handwriting to text at the touch of a button. The Apple Pencil charges wirelessly by magnetically attaching to the side of the iPad.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Typing on the iPad Mini for long periods can be tiring. Its portability is great but not ideal if you need to type. This is where a Bluetooth keyboard comes in. A Bluetooth keyboard is perfect for taking notes in a meeting, writing a critical report, or brainstorming with your team. Various models are available, ranging from the Apple Magic Keyboard to portable and more rugged models.


A good pair of headphones will make your life easier. You can take calls, hold online meetings, or listen to a podcast discreetlydiscretely while you are on the go. Bluetooth headphones come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you love earbuds (like the Apple AirPods) or traditional-style cuffs, a pair of Bluetooth headphones will help keep your business on track.

iPad Case

An iPad Mini case is a must for a small business owner. It will help you look professional while protecting your iPad. The Zugu iPad Mini case is perfect for your needs. Sleek and elegant, the Zugu cover looks professional but comes in fun colors that brighten any mood. The cover is made from robust TPU plastic and has reinforced corners. It also has an adjustable kickstand that folds back into eight angles. Whether you want to write, type, watch a video or read, the Zugu case has covered you.