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Top 7 iPad Pro Cases that will keep your device safe and stylish

Why you need an iPad Pro Case

As an iPad Pro owner, you’ve probably thought more than once about buying an iPad Pro case. It’s rare these days to see an iPad out and about without a case, and there’s a very good reason why. Whenever you take your iPad out of the house— or even out of the bed— you’re placing it in danger of jolts, bumps, and drops. A case can protect your iPad and keep it in pristine condition even after years of use.

But there are more reasons that iPad users, by and large, are choosing to put covers on their devices. For one, it’s convenient. An iPad in a case is typically equipped with a nifty stand that allows for hands-free use. It may even have a mount, and it’s likely to have a slot for your Apple Pencil. 

People also choose to use iPad covers because it allows them to add a personal touch to their iPads. An iPad looks great; but it’s just an iPad, and looks exactly the same as the iPad belonging to the next guy. Dressing it up in a case allows you to show your sense of style and make it yours in a unique way. Now there’s no chance it’ll get lost in the crowd! 

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Best iPad Pro Cases

But what are the best iPad Pro cases? Here’s a rundown of ten of the best iPad Pro cases we’ve found; cases that are stylish, protective, and a pleasure to use. Let’s start with our favorite: the Zugu case. 

Zugu case for iPad Pro

The Zugu case for the iPad Pro is a sturdy protective case that provides your iPad with military spec protection. It’s also a stylish case that comes in six different colors, meaning you’re sure to find one that reflects you.  The adjustable magnetic stand has ten different viewing angles, and the elastic apple pencil pocket means you’ll always have your stylus in a great place.

It’s stylish, it’s shockproof, but our favorite feature of the Zugu might be the strong magnets. That means the screen protector will be held firmly in place, protecting the screen, when you’ve got it set that way. It also means you can stick your iPad up on a refrigerator whenever you want a safe place to keep it out of the way. 

Apple’s Smart Folio

Apple’s Smart Folio is slim, understated, and a great way to add a little protection to your device without adding much bulk. It doesn’t provide as much protection as the Zugu case, but the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 case will protect against knicks and scratches and give a little extra cushion if you drop your device.  

Nomad iPad Pro Case & Folio

Maybe you like the idea behind the folio, but you’d rather have yours in real leather— no imitations, please! Nomad’s leather iPad Pro 12.9 Folio is a great minimalistic option. Again, you shouldn’t be looking for major shock protection here, but if what you want is slim, good looking leather cover which offers a first line of protection against accident, the Nomad folio is a good option. The inside of this case is soft microfiber. Though the stand may not be the sturdiest it still works nicely on a firm surface, like a side table or chair. 

The 12.9 iPad Pro Case leather from Nomad is a simpler version, with just a leather backing and a TPU bumper. 

Pen & Quill Bradford Magnetic Leather iPad Pro Case

Love the leather, but not a fan of microfiber? Pen & Quill’s Bradford Case takes the natural material thing one step further with their leather & wool iPad Pro case. Made of American full-grain leather, with a 50+ ultra strong magnet array and multi propping angles, this heirloom style case is a pleasure to use. You’ll be able to stick your Apple Pencil inside the case to charge it, and there’s also an internal pocket where you can squirrel away some paperwork or your cards. 

Otterbox Defender

For those more about protection than fancy leather backings, the Otterbox Defender is  a sturdy protective case that promises to protect your iPad from drops, dirt, and dust. There’s a built in screen protector and a screen shield that doubles as stand, and port covers help keep lint and dust out of your jacks and ports. 

This case is a little finicky to get on and use isn’t quite as intuitive as something like the Zugu, but most users report that they get used to it quickly and appreciate the extra protection.

Zagg Pro Keys

If you need a quality keyboard case with comfy, responsive, backlit keys, Zagg Pro Keys is a great option. The kickstand is adjustable, and the keyboard itself is fun to use. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for about a year between charges, depending on how much you use the backlit keys. If you’re going out and won’t need to type, you can also detach the keyboard and the iPad itself will stay protected by the protective case.

Logitech Combo Touch

If Zagg Pro Keys turns your iPad to almost-a-laptop, the Logitech Combo goes one step further with a built in trackpad. This case also offers a superb typing experience and you can separate the keyboard if you’re going out and don’t want to lug the whole thing with you. 

Unlike the Zagg case, the Logitech Combo Touch charges automatically through a Smart Connector, pulling power from your iPad Pro. The stand isn’t stable on a lap or couch, so you’ll want to use it on a desk or table, but otherwise this is a great keyboard case for your iPad Pro.

What’s your favorite iPad case? Is it the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 case, or maybe Pad & Quill’s wool and leather folio? Or do you, like us, prefer the sleek professionalism and military spec protection of the Zugu case? Let us know in the comments!