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Want a New iPad Pro 10.5 Case? Here's Why Ours is the Best

When you’re looking for an iPad Pro 10.5 case that will keep your device safe and last you for years, being able to weed through what’s real and what’s fake is incredibly essential. That’s why we back up our confidence in our product with thousands of satisfied customers reviews detailing just how real our product actually is.

If you’ve stumbled on this article, you’re likely in the market for a new case for your iPad Pro 10.5 that won’t disappoint. Keep reading to find out why we think Zugu’s iPad Pro 10.5 case is your best bet.

Durable materials for major drop map protection

Although fancy features and add-ons are always a plus, your iPad Pro case should ultimately be designed for optimum protection. This case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, two premium hard plastics, to ensure that it can withstand both normal wear and tear and inevitable accidents. It’s unlikely that you’ll never drop your iPad Pro or that it won’t have an accidental fall. By constructing the shell of the case from these premium materials, Zug is helping to make sure that your device is safe, no matter what accidents may occur.

The edges of this case are also outfitted with bumpers that are designed to absorb shock. These shock absorbers prevent the shockwaves that occur on impact from radiating across the device. These shockwaves are often responsible for cracks in the device’s screen on the body of the device. These bumpers also help to prevent denting that can occur when a device is impacted. The hard shell protects the body of the device, while the bumpers ensure the more vulnerable edges are fortified. 

Adjustable multi-angle stand 

This iPad Pro 10.5 case has an adjustable stand that can be placed at eight different angles. This stand is built to be durable enough to hold up the weight of your propped device and is constructed from the same materials as the case’s shell. The legs of the stand are sturdy and won’t buckle or bend during use. The grooves that the stand’s legs fit into are magnetized (as are the legs) to ensure that the stand doesn’t slip out of place.

Many stands only have a few possible angles to choose from which can make it difficult to use your device in as many ways as you’d like. With this stand, you can prop your device in any of eight ways, allowing you to more easily find an angle that is comfortable for you to use. Whether you’re attending virtual school or watching your favorite sports team, you can be sure to find the perfect angle. 

Secure magnetic mount capability

Using your device hands-free can be tricky if you don’t have enough space to use the adjustable stand. And, sometimes you need to use your device, but want it out of the way as you work, clean, cook, or study. That’s where this case’s magnetized mount capability comes in handy.

The back of this case is strongly magnetized, allowing it to be securely mounted to any metal or opposingly magnetized surface. Whether it be a stainless steel fridge, whiteboard, cabinet, or another surface, you can safely mount your device for hands-off usage. 

Apple Pencil storage

If you have an Apple Pencil, you can securely store your accessory in a dedicated elastic pocket on the back of the case. The pocket is ideally placed to ensure that it is easy to reach without getting in the way of your use of the device. The elasticity of the pocket makes it simple to quickly store and access your pencil at any time. The snugness of the pocket helps to ensure that your pencil stays in place and isn’t able to slip out, which can lead to your pencil being lost or misplaced. 

Soft microfiber interior

Some cases, especially those that are poorly made, can damage the exterior of your device. The coloring and dyes in the case can sometimes transfer and cause discoloration which can be tough to remove. Cases that are lined are the best option because they prevent staining and also add an extra layer of protection in the event of a fall.

Every Zugu case is lined with a soft microfiber material that prevents color transfer, helps with shock absorption, and aids in the prevention of micro-scratches. 

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Protective magnetic cover

Screen protection for your device is essential and although screen protectors are useful, they don’t always offer enough security. For this reason, this iPad Pro 10.5 case has a protective cover that completely wraps the screen from edge to edge. The same microfiber material that lines the interior of the case also lines the inside of the cover to help prevent micro-scratches. The lining also makes it more difficult for your screen to accumulate dust, dirt, lint, and other unwanted elements. 

The cover also activates the sleep/wake feature that automatically darkens and lightens the screen when you close or open the cover. Once the cover is closed, the screen automatically darkens to help preserve battery life and prevent accidental touches. This cover is also great for protecting against cracks and scratches that can be caused during impact.