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Turning Your iPad Into A Virtual Whiteboard

The iPad Pro 12.9, Apple’s largest tablet, is perfect for transforming into a virtual whiteboard. Whiteboards allow you to have a digital learning platform that you can use to work with, design, or brainstorm. Anyone participating in the session can take control, present their ideas, or give feedback. Virtual whiteboards started in a classroom setting but have become popular across the board. The iPad Pro 12.9’s screen real estate makes it the ideal tool to use as a virtual whiteboard. Here is how you can use this function on your iPad.

1.       GoodNotes App

GoodNotes is one of the highest-rated note-taking apps on the market. It takes note-taking to another level. However, it also has an inbuilt whiteboard function that makes you look like a pro. You must connect your iPad to a projector or external screen through an HDMI cable or Airplay. GoodNotes does the rest. As soon as the app detects an external screen, it activates presentation mode. This gives you access to new tools, including the Screen Lock tool and Laser Pointer. The Screen Lock function gives you control over what you want to show your audience. Perhaps you want to show part of your screen while keeping a section private to jot down your notes. Your audience will only see what you want to show them, giving you the freedom to work on the side. You can even open other apps using the iPad’s Slide Over function – no one will notice. Highlight and pinpoint essential parts of the presentation with the laser pointer.

2.     Zoom Whiteboard

The company behind the highly popular communications platform created Zoom Whiteboard to capture and direct " the energy, spontaneity, and free-flowing creativity." Admittedly, it can be difficult for ideas to come forward through an online meeting. However, Zoom Whiteboard brings users together in a digital canvas, creating a space for new ideas. Anyone who has a Zoom account can take part or use the app, which is free. You can set up a whiteboard with a group of people with different access levels. Save the Zoom Whiteboard and go back to it whenever you want without setting up a meeting. The platform includes advanced features such as leaving messages, sticky notes, and dragging and dropping images.

3.       Miro

This app has over 10 million users and is a favorite with some of the biggest companies worldwide. Miro can be used for free or against a $16 monthly fee, depending on which functions you need. It is one of the top digital whiteboard apps and can be used in remote, hybrid, and distributed work environments. The app allows you to take digital notes and run online meetings and team workshops. Marking up documents and PDFs is a breeze – especially if you use an Apple Pencil. It has a drag-and-drop interface with a limitless number of collaborators. No project is too big or small with the Miro app. Follow the work process and manage workflows. Or create a vision board filled with sticky notes – you can scan sticky paper notes and include them on the digital board.

4.    ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

This app is not complicated. It is pretty straightforward. And it is free. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard allows you to record, create and share whiteboard tutorials. The app is a great way to develop lessons or student presentations. The menus and functions are easy to understand. It’s so simple to use that many people start recording tutorials as soon as they download the app on their iPad. You can also add pictures and documents from your library and create a video from any document.s

5.       Explain Everything

Rumor has it that this is a favorite whiteboard app at Apple. Even if this is not true, the app has an impressive list of prestigious institutions and companies among its fans. In fact, it won the 2020 iPad App Store Trend of the Year award. Explain Everything is the ultimate, infinite digital whiteboard that gives you complete freedom. You can mix handwriting and writing with imported documents and multimedia for improved learner engagement. Or you can invite students or teachers during live presentations or co-create videos on the whiteboard. Bring static slides to life and record content. Do voiceovers or include GIFs, sticky notes, images, 3D models, or Shapes. Add backgrounds or patterns or include audio files, videos, or PowerPoint presentations.

The advantage of using an iPad for a digital whiteboard is its portability. There is no need to rent expensive, bulky equipment. You only need your iPad, and you can walk into any meeting. Connect it to a monitor, and your iPad transforms into a virtual whiteboard. Keep your device safe with an iPad 12.9 case that offers protection and functionality. The Zugu iPad Pro 12.9 case is adjustable, and you can choose from 10 kickstand slots while giving your presentation. Or you can magnetically mount it on a metal surface if you prefer going hands-free. In addition, the Zugu case is one of the best on the market regarding protection. It is made from TPU plastic with additional reinforcement in the corners. You can take it with you with complete peace of mind.