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The Most Important Tip on How to Identify a New Apple iPad Pro 11 inch case

You’ve just come home with an 11 inch iPad Pro, and you’re looking forward to some pretty intense productivity on this tablet.  The build is great, the processor is high power, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for a good long time— just so long as you can keep it in top condition. For that, you want an iPad Pro 11 inch case

The difference a good iPad Pro 11 inch case makes

You know you want a quality case for your iPad, because you’ve seen the difference an iPad case can make.  Your niece got a new iPad for her birthday last September. She was given an iPad case as a gift and at the same time, she chose not to use it because it was heavy and bulky. Due to which the elegance of the iPad was destroyed. .  The screen was cracked within a month, and off it went to the Apple repair shop. A few weeks after she had it back, it broke again, and as her parents refused to pay the hefty repair bills a second time it is still out of commission. 

Compare that with your neighbor, Hank, who works in construction. Hank recently bought himself a 12.9 inch Pro, and he bought a sturdy shock proof case the same day. The way he put it “I know if I treat my tools good, they’ll treat me good.”

Last week Hank had a long day at the job site, and as the day came to a close he did some calculations on the iPad, using his car roof as a standing desk of sorts. Calculations finished, he quickly cleaned up the vicinity, got in his car and drove off. It wasn’t till he was going fifty on the highway home that he suddenly heard a thump and saw, from the rearview mirror, something that looked agonizingly like his prized iPad going sailing off into the distance. He’d left it on the roof of his car and it had waited till that moment to let go.

Luckily traffic was light, and Hank was able to park the car and go back to find the mangled remains of his iPad. To his surprise, it was in perfect condition— only the case showed any signs of the adventure, to the tune of two or three new dents. 

Choosing an iPad Pro 11 inch case

You might want an iPad Pro 11 inch case with pencil holder, or you might be excited about getting an iPad case with a flexible stand so you can watch movies hands-free. Both of those are great features, and they’re definitely something you’ll want to check for when you look at iPad Pro 11-inch cases you might want to buy.  But there’s something else that’s more important. Shock protection. 

Shock protection is the difference between a mangled iPad lying in the gutter and a pristine tablet sitting in that same gutter in a slightly battered cover. With a highly protective case, your iPad is well-equipped to handle whatever life throws at it. Okay, bad things happen, sometimes even to iPads with a case on. They’re much less likely, though, than the bad things that happen with subpar cases— or when the iPad doesn’t have a case at all.

How can you tell if a case has decent shock protection? Well, there’s one standard that all the best iPad cover manufacturers follow— MIL-STD-810G. If a case is listed as meeting this military standard, that means it’s been drop tested to protect the iPad according to criteria given by the military to its own equipment suppliers. That calls for 26 drops onto two-inch plywood over concrete; a drop on every face, edge, and corner. After each drop, the device has to be checked for functional and structural integrity.

One great iPad Pro case (11 inch)

So, are there cases that meet military standards and are also good to look at? That includes a pencil holder and a flexible stand, too? The good news: there are! One favorite is the Zugu case, which comes in six colors. It looks good enough that you can take it to the office, no worries there, and the stand is something to write home about. With eight different angles, you’ll be able to prop it up just the way you want to and watch that movie— or participate in that video call— with full comfort.

One other great thing about the Zugu case is the extra-strong magnets which make your life easier in a hundred ways. They keep your iPad secure in whatever angle you’ve chosen for the flexible stand. When you’re not using your iPad, they’ll keep the protective flap firmly over the screen. But they’re also strong enough to function as a mount, of sorts— stick your iPad up on any metal surface and it will just stay there, like magic. Try it on your refrigerator. This isn’t just a parlor trick; it’s actually super useful for those times when you want to follow a recipe and don’t know what to do with your virtual cookbook. When your iPad is stuck on the refrigerator, it’ll be perfectly safe from spills and hot stoves as well as from awkward drops onto tile.

And yes, the Zugu iPad Pro 11 inch case is highly protective! It meets military drop test standards, and you’ll find you have that much more peace of mind when you’ve got a high-quality case like this one on your iPad. Sometimes, that’s all that lies between a mangled iPad or a pristine device in a slightly battered case.