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What Is the Build Quality of Apple’s iPad Pro?

Investing in an iPad Pro is no joke. Mainly because the device costs a pretty penny – the iPad Pro 12.9, which is the top of the range, can cost you up to $2399. Its sister version, the iPad Pro 11, still racks up a hefty bill between $999 and $2099. Undoubtedly, the iPad Pros, especially the 12.9 version, are Apple’s flagship devices in the world of tablets. One could say that that high price point is a good indicator of the company’s heavy investment in upgrading the device. The Pros are the successor of the iPad Air, followed by the iPad (regular version) and the iPad Mini.

However, the iPad Pro's price point is often a point of contention for those looking around for a tablet. The answer to this question is closely linked to another. Is the quality of Apple's iPad Pro worth it? Is the build quality standard high enough to allow you to use it in the long term? Let's find out.

Apple Pro Build Features

Unlike the previous versions, the iPad Pro has straight edges instead of curved ones. The design is made from a precision aluminum unibody enclosure that Apple describes as “strong, light, and durable." It is interesting to note that several users worldwide complained that their iPad Pros looked bent – sometimes even when still brand new in the box. These reactions forced Apple to issue a statement explaining the Pros’ design and build. In fact, the company pointed out that the straight edges on the iPad Pro made the slight bend more visible and noticeable.

The new design includes small vertical bands on the iPad Pro's side to offer optimal cellular performance. Apple pointed out that, for the first time, these were made by co-molding, which involves injecting plastic into precisely milled channels in the aluminum enclosure where it bonds to micro-pores in the aluminum surface. Once this cools, the entire section is finished with a precision automatic machining operation, “yielding a seamless integration of plastic and aluminum into a single, strong enclosure."

In fact, Apple pointed out that these new high precision techniques, followed by a rigorous inspection process, ensured that the new iPad Pro models meet an even tighter specification for flatness than previous generations. “This flatness specification allows for no more than 400 microns of deviation across the length of any side — less than the thickness of four sheets of paper.” During regular use, the antenna splits and straight edges "may make" subtle deviations in flatness more visible from certain " imperceptible " angles. The company also reiterated that these would not increase over time or affect the strength of the enclosure.

Finally, Apple reminded its customers that it had a 14-day return policy and offered a one-year warranty on all products that also covered damage caused by defective craft or materials.

To Pro or Not to Pro?

In fact, Apple is among the top companies that offer long-term efficient customer support for all of its products. Year after year, it ranks first for its customer service compared to other tech companies. This alone should help put your mind at rest when debating whether to fork out that sum for an iPad Pro or any other Apple product.

It is not the first time users have highlighted design issues in iPads. When the latest version of the iPad Air was released in early 2022, some consumers complained of a creaking sound. The aluminum back panel is thinner than the previous models and creaks when applying pressure.

Apple’s high ranking in the world of electronic gadgets – especially for iPads, is undeniable. Even if you don't want to spend so much on an iPad Pro, there is a device for all budgets. The iPad Mini, for example, costs a maximum of $799 for the 256MB Wi-Fi and Cellular version or $649 for 64GB. Don't let its pocket size feel fool you, as some of iPad Mini’s features are on par with the Pro version. Like the iPad Pro 12.9 and 11, the iPad Mini has an LED-backlit multi-touch display and a Liquid Retina Display, similar to the Pro 11.

iPad Care Tips

Whichever model you decide to go for, whether the iPad Pro or iPad Mini, you can do a few things to safeguard it and increase its longevity.

  • Invest in a High-Quality Cover. A good iPad case gives you peace of mind – especially since your iPad is such a portable device. We highly recommend the Zugu iPad Mini case, which is made from TPU plastic and includes reinforced corners. With this level of military-grade protection, your iPad Mini is safe. The case also has eight angles that you can set up to read, type, watch a movie, or follow a recipe. Or use the magnetic mount to set it flat on a metallic surface.
  • Keep It Clean. Use a soft toothbrush to gently clean out any dust or fluff collected around the ports and camera area. You might be surprised at what comes out.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures. Leaving your iPad in direct sunlight or cold areas can cause the device to shut down temporarily. Or even worse, damage the interior. If your iPad shuts down because of extreme temperatures, move it to a place where it can return to room temperature.