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What’s the Best Cheapest Apple Pencil Alternative?

A stylus elevates your iPad’s range of motion and functionality. Whether you love to write, sketch, draw, or just enjoy doodling, a stylus gives you freedom of movement. And when one thinks of a stylus pen, the Apple Pencil is the first to come to mind. In fact, it is easy to understand why this accessory rules them all. After all, the Apple Pencil was designed to work in tandem with the iPad. However, it is an expensive gadget, and cheaper alternatives are available. Admittedly, most other stylus pens do not have the Apple Pencil's features, but many do come close. Here is our list of top Apple Pencil alternatives.

1. Logitech Crayon

Apple bestowed an extremely prestigious title to the Logitech Crayon. It is the only Apple-approved stylish pen, which is a rarity. Its features are very similar to the Apple Pencil and work well with iPad and Apple apps. Even connecting it is straightforward. To pair it with your iPad 10.2, start by disconnecting any other digital pencils. Check that the iPad has the latest iOS version (see Settings, General, followed by Software). Press and hold the Logitech Crayon power button for a few seconds until the LED turns green. That's all, folks – you're ready to go.

The Logitech Crayon is highly precise with a fast feedback rate. That means that the lag rate between the tip on the screen and the app’s response is almost minimal. If you enjoy drawing, this stylish pen has pressure technology that lets you thicken a line by tilting the tip. Thanks to its Palm Rejection Technology, you can also rest your palm on the iPad's screen, allowing you to write or draw for extended periods.

This is an affordable stylus pen with many features like the Apple Pencil. Stylish and sturdy, the pencil combines the best of both worlds. The company promises that the Logitech Crayon can safely withstand a drop of up to four feet. You also get up to 7.5 hours of active writing on a full charge. The pen comes in elegant grey or bright orange.

2. Adonit Note+

Artists hail the Adonit Note+ as a very close contender to the Apple Pencil. This stylus pen is ultra-responsive and has a very natural feel. Its ergonomic design is very similar to a ballpoint pen, so holding it feels like second nature. The Adonit Note+ has pixel-perfect precision, allowing you to draw, sketch or paint in the most incredible detail. And if writing is your jam, then you will love using the Adonit Note+. The tip glides over the iPad screen without lagging or sticking. This pen is about comfort – you can rest your palm on the screen without affecting your work.

Pairing it with your iPad 10.2 is a breeze. You don't pair it to your device with Bluetooth. Remove any previous stylus pens from your iPad and switch on the Adonit Note+. Another great feature is that you don’t need to worry about running out of juice. The Adonit Note+ runs for a whopping 12 hours after a full charge. You can also charge it while writing, thanks to its micro USB. Or, if you don’t feel like having a wire attached as you work, plug it in for a quick charge. Four minutes on quick charge give you up to one hour of battery life on the Adonit Note+.

3. JamJake K10 Stylus Pen

If you want to find a stylus pen that resembles an Apple Pencil, then go for the JamJake K10. Sleek and white, you might get away with someone thinking it's an Apple Pencil – from a distance. Unlike Apple’s stylus, the JamJake is exceptionally budget-friendly. While a second-generation Apple Pencil costs $129, the JamJake is $30.

This stylus pen is highly comfortable to use. It has high-precision glide technology that executes details with accuracy. Just like the Apple Pencil, the JamJake has palm rejection technology. In addition, the tip is easy to remove and replace. The pen has a fantastic battery life – up to 20 hours of constant use with just 90 minutes of charging. It switches to sleep mode when left idle for five minutes to save battery power. However, there is a downside. The JamJake K10 does not include the pressure sensitivity feature. If you need a stylus pen to write or mark up documents, this pen hits the spot.

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As with all stylus pens, whether the Apple Pencil or its lookalike JamJake, a little extra care goes a long way. These electronic devices are delicate, and too many knocks or drops can damage them. Even leaving them loose in your bag is not a great idea. Something heavy or sharp can crush the pencil or bend the tip, creating problems. We love the Zugu 10.2-inch iPad case that includes a snug storage pocket for your stylus pen. Once you wirelessly charge it on the case, pop it in the pocket for safekeeping. You will never have to worry about losing it again.

The Zugu 10.2-inch iPad case also transforms into a magnetic kickstand with eight angles. Each angle remains in place thanks to individual magnets fitted in each slot. Whether you want to read, write, mark or sketch, the Zugu iPad case moves with you.