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The Coolest Ideas for Apple Pencil Engraving

What better way to stand out from the crowd than personalizing your own Apple Pencil? Engraving an Apple Pencil is perfect for showing your love for a family or friend. Or express your appreciation for a colleague who is changing jobs. Whether you customize it with just your name, cute emoji, a secret message, or a funny quote, engraving an Apple Pencil elevates its sentimental value.

Still on the sidelines about whether you should make your mark on an Apple Pencil? We’ll walk you through the frequently asked questions about Apple Pencil engraving. And just in case you need inspiration, we'll list the most fabulous ideas. 

Why Engrave an Apple Pencil?

1. Make It a Special Gift

Putting an engraving on an Apple Pencil shows that you put thought into the present. Whether for a former coworker, close friend, partner, or relative, that person will think of you each time they use the Apple Pencil. At the end of the day, that is what gifts are all about.

2. Personalize Your Apple Pencil

Why not make your own Apple Pencil memorable for you? There is something meaningful about having your name or favorite quote always at your fingertips. It is also a way to remind ourselves that we are unique.

What Are the Advantages of Engraving?

You can pick out your Apple Pencil from a haystack because of its unique engraving, reducing the risk of mixing up devices at home or the office. Also, the unique inscription is a theft deterrent. No one will steal an Apple Pencil marked with a name, tiny unicorn or an "I LOVE YOU."

What Are the Disadvantages?

You can only engrave up to 15 characters. Apple only engraves text in upper case letters at the moment. However, you aren't limited to engraving only text but can include a tiny logo, symbol, or emoji. If you aren't sure what you can or can't engrave on your Apple Pencil, you can check Apple’s website to see what is available.

Also, engraving your Apple Pencil can make it harder for you to resell it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Apple engraves your Apple Pencil for free. When you order the Pencil from Apple’s website, opt for "Personalize It For Free," and voila. You’ll receive it within a few days. Apple only engraves products before they are delivered.

Coolest Engraving Ideas for Partner

  • Love Conquers All
  • You Are My Person
  • I Love You
  • Forever Yours
  • Gotcha :)
  • Be Mine
  • Always Yours
  • To Have And To Hold
  • Thank You For Being You
  • I Carry You In My Heart
  • Home Is Where You Are

    Coolest Engraving Ideas For Yourself

    • I Am Enough
    • Never Settle For Less
    • Failure Is a Lack of Action
    • Dream Big
    • I Am Worthy
    • Never Give Up
    • Courage Is Not Lack of Fear
    • Warriors Are Made, Not Born
    • Just Do It
    • Now Is A Good Time
    • Dream Big, Live Big

    Coolest Engraving for Friend

    • Thank You For Being You
    • Your Friendship Is Gold
    • Double Trouble
    • Nothing Can Stop Us
    • You Are My Person
    • You Are Enough
    • Be Yourself
    • Drinks After Work?
    • My Ride Or Die
    • Partners In Crime
    • Thick As Thieves

    Coolest Engraving for Parents

    • Best Mom/Dad
    • I Love You
    • To Dad/Mom, Love
    • From Your Favorite Child
    • Your First Pen
    • (Name)’s Pen
    • Thank You For Being You
    • Don’t Lose This Pencil
    • This Pencil Belongs To (Name)
    • Happy Birthday!
    • Do Not Sharpen!

    Coolest Engraving for Colleague

    • Coffee In Five?
    • I Sold A Kidney For This
    • World’s Best Coworker
    • Gossip King/Queen
    • The Office Problem Solver
    • To Get Through Monday
    • Congrats On Your New Job
    • I Wish You Every Success
    • For All Your Hard Work
    • Best Lunch Buddy
    • Hard Work Does Pay Off

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    How to Take Care of an Apple Pencil

    1. Keep It Clean

    Wipe down the pencil with a soft, damp, lint-free cloth from one end to another. However, do not touch the tip to avoid getting moisture inside the seam.

    2.  Keep It Charged

    Don’t leave your Apple Pencil’s battery run down to below 10 percent or run out. Charge it regularly to protect the internal battery from failing. Leaving it uncharged for long periods could make the battery and the Apple Pencil useless.

    3. Replace a Damaged Tip

    The tip of the Apple Pencil should feel smooth to the touch. If the nib feels rough or doesn’t glide easily on the iPad screen, it’s time to change it. Or, if you need to press the Apple Pencil to use it, the tip is either damaged or worn out. Changing the nib is simple – twist it gently until it comes out. Replace it with a new one. Although it is possible to buy tips that Apple does not manufacture, we always recommend using Apple-approved products. You can easily buy a pack of four replacement tips from their website or any authorized reseller.

    4. Keep It Safe

    The best way to get the most out of your Apple Pencil is to put it in a safe place when you’re not using it. We love Zugu’s iPad protective covers because they include a snug elastic pocket at the back where you can slip in your Apple Pencil. It will stay there until you need it. In addition, you can also wirelessly charge the Apple Pencil with the case.