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What You Need in an iPad Pro Case 12.9 in 2022

You’ve been waiting in line at the airport since six o’clock this morning, and you’re both bored and tired. You’ve been half-watching a movie on your iPad while wondering if your flight is even going to leave today, and then suddenly you hear an announcement: last call for flight number 7357. Wait, that was your flight! You put the iPad down on your luggage cart and take a sprinting start for the terminal, forgetting everything but your urgent need to be moving at superhuman speeds. Before you know what happened, your fancy new iPad Pro has slidden off the cart, bounced on the tile and skidded fifteen feet across the floor. 

Did you just have a mini heart attack, or are you taking it in stride?

The answer to that question probably depends on the answer to two more: did your iPad have a case, and if it did, which case?  

Buying Your iPad Pro Case 12.9: Bad, Good, Better and Best  

There are cases, and there are cases. If you bought something from a hurried need to slap something on your iPad and make it look protected, chances are your device has a shattered screen and, quite possibly, a badly banged up processor. The same is true if you’ve been relying on protection from the keyboard, even if it happens to be an Apple magic keyboard. If you did your homework and researched till you’d found the best iPad Pro case 12.9 (or, if you’ve got the eleven inch model, best iPad Pro case 11) you’ve got nothing to worry about. 

And here’s why: quality protective cases are made by companies that stand behind their products. And there’s a reason they do. They test those cases, and let them slide off luggage carts and hit tile floors and skid fifteen feet to slam against a concrete wall just so they know what will happen. Only when they’re confident with full protection will they bring their product to the market. 

If, by any random chance— unlucky things happen sometimes— the device inside that case does get broken, they take responsibility for that break. You get to send them the bill for your AppleCare repair, and they cover the costs of turning your broken iPad into something as good as new.

Think about it— how many AppleCare bills do you think they want to foot? Not many, I can tell you. So, in the interest of looking out for number 1—- their own company— they’re going to make sure that you’ve got an astronomically low chance of anything amiss happening when your iPad is under their protection.

So if your iPad is protected by the best iPad Pro Case 12.9 available today— or, as it happens, the best iPad Pro case 11— you’ve got nothing to worry about. Scoop that tablet up off the airport floor, shove it into the front pocket on your luggage, and you’ll still have something to watch movies on when, after boarding, you find that the flight will still be delayed another two hours while you wait for the flight crew to return. 

Key Features of a 5 Star iPad Pro Case 12.9

Shock protection is ultra-important, but it’s only one of the features that you’ll want to look at when buying your iPad Pro Case 12.9. A good case will fit snugly and protect the iPad’s back, face, and corners. Here are a few more things to keep in mind: 

  1. You need air vents that will keep your iPad cool, even if the day is hot and you’re using all of its processing power.
  2. If you’ve got an Apple Pencil, you’ll also want a place to put it, and you’ll want wireless pencil charging capability.
  3. You’ll want a kickstand that allows you to watch movies— hands-off— at the angle you want.
  4. You need full access to all your camera, ports and speakers
  5. Anytime you open your iPad, you want to use it, so your case should include auto-wake capability for full convenience

Zugucase is one of the most popular iPad cases available today, and it meets all these criteria. Their magnetic kickstand is particularly nifty— it’s strong enough to lock into position no matter where you put it, and boosts eight different angles. If you’re working in the kitchen, looking up recipes stick it up there on your fridge—it’ll stick right up there where you set it. 

They also have an extensive lineup, so whether you’re looking for a case for your Apple iPad mini, your fifth generation iPad Air or an 11 inch iPad Pro, you should be able to find what your are looking for. 

If there’s one downside to the using a protective case, it’s the extra bulk, and the lightest cases tend to be those without any guarantees or protection. Your iPad Pro will be 1/2” thick when you’ve got the Zugucase on it. That said, we think the extra heft is a slight price to pay in return for a whole lot of peace of mind. Besides, it could be a whole lot worse….. 

Keeping Your iPad Pro Working Optimally

Any tool works better if it is treated with a minimum of care and respect. Even if you’ve got your iPad fitted with a screen protector and the best 12.9 inch iPad Pro case there is—- say, the Zugucase— you still don’t want to be throwing it around. Best advice: choose a quality case, then treat it as if it didn’t have one, and it’ll perform its best for long past whatever obsolescence date Apple has set for it.  But don’t baby your iPad, and don’t miss out on experiences you could have had if you weren’t so concerned about your unprotected devices.

Life happens. Luck isn’t always on your side. But there’s no reason to go scrambling whenever an accident happens, and with a little preparation you can be ready to sail through the storms.