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Here's Why We Know You'll Love Our iPad Pro 11 inch Case

It can be tough to find an iPad Pro 11 inch case that lives up to your expectations. And, often, companies that boast about the durability of their cases can’t really be trusted. That’s why we at Zugu don’t bother doing the boasting - we let our thousands of satisfied customers tell our story for us.

Every Zugu case is designed to protect your device while also offer amazing, useful features. A case isn’t just about protection - it’s also about versatility and practicality. And, thankfully, Zugu specializes in all three of these areas. We pride ourselves on providing a product that is high-quality, well-made, and affordably priced. So, when we say you’ll love our iPad Pro 11-inch case, we really mean it.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the features of this case that our customers like the most:

Expert construction

Zugu cases are designed to perfectly fit the model and make of your iPad. That means that, no matter what style of case you order, you can also be sure that your case will fit snugly and securely. 

Some cases that claim to be compatible with specific types of iPads are actually not, leading to a poor fit. An ill-fitting case is often a recipe for disaster, whether it’s too big or too small, simply because a case protects best when it fits properly around your device. When you order your iPad Pro 11 inch case from Zugu, you’re guaranteed a product that is designed to fit and mold to the contours of your iPad Pro 11-inch device. 

Major drop protection

The edges of every Zugu case are outfitted with bumpers that are designed for shock absorption. These bumpers cushion the impact of a fall or drop by stopping the force of the impact from radiating all across the device. This shock radiation is often what causes damage to the face of the device and the body. Since these bumpers line the edges of the iPad, which are incredibly vulnerable, your device is able to better withstand impact, even if the corners make contact with a hard surface. 

Military-grade drop protection certifies that a Zugu-case outfitted device is drop-tested on its face, sides, and back with no damage to the device at all. This advanced drop protection gives you peace of mind that your device is safe inside its Zugu case

Multi-angle adjustable stand

This case has an eight-angle adjustable stand with magnetized legs for added stability. Once the legs of the stand are placed inside the ridges on the back of the device, the magnets keep the stand sturdy while the device is propped. You won’t have to worry about the stand bending or buckling under the weight of the device since the stand’s legs are created to remain propped for however long you need your device at an angle. 

Many cases with adjustable stands only offer a few possible angles, but you won’t have that issue with Zugu. Since this case has eight angles you choose from, you can comfortably binge-watch your favorite show or read your newest romance novel, all from the angle that suits you best. 

Apple Pencil pocket and wireless charging

Zugu cases have an Apple Pencil pocket built into the back that allows for easy access to your accessory. This pocket is elastic and stretchy, but snug enough to keep your accessory in place. And, with this model of Zugu case, you can also enjoy wireless charging of your Apple Pencil while it is inside the pocket. If you have a later generation Apple Pencil, all you have to do is put your device to charge and your pencil will charge along with it. This means you won’t have to worry about removing your pencil to charge individually, saving you time and energy. 

Airflow vents

Airflow vents are cut into this iPad Pro 11-inch case to allow the heat generated during device use to escape. Heat can often become trapped inside poorly ventilated cases, leading to overheating due to an increase in the device’s internal and external temperature. To prevent this, Zugu cases have cutouts that give this heat the opportunity to escape rather than build up over time.

These vents allow for better ventilation, ensuring that your device’s temperature does not increase past a safe level. Overheating devices can malfunction and become permanently damaged and can even cause injury to the owner of the device or case increases enough in temperature. You can safely use your device inside its Zugu case without any worries - even hours later, your device will still be a useable temperature.  

Protective cover

Your case will come with a protective, microfiber-lined cover designed to keep your screen safe from cracks and scratches. The cover is magnetized, which keeps it in place when it is closed, even during a fall. If your device falls or is dropped while the cover is closed, the soft lining on the inside of the cover acts as a cushion and protects your screen from damage.

And, since the cover is tightly fitted when closed, it also acts as a barrier to prevent grime and dust from collecting on your screen. Closing the cover will activate the automatic sleep feature and the device’s screen will darken. Once the cover is opened, the screen with “wake up”, ready to use. This feature allows the device to save battery in case you close the cover and forget to manually darken the screen. It also ensures that there are no accidental touches or calls while the device is not in use.

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