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Which Is the Best iPad Pro 12.9 Case?

What is the best way to take care of your iPad Pro and fully use it? By extending its lifetime to the maximum and avoiding costly repair bills while using it to the full. There are two ways to go about it: leaving the iPad in its box forever, a complete waste of money. Or invest in an iPad Pro 12.9 case, and you can use it to your heart’s content with peace of mind about its safety. However, which is the best case for your device? And how do you choose? We’ll walk you through the different types of cases and what makes them stand out.

1. Leather Cases

Few materials give an elegant feel and aesthetic like leather. Some cases are made from leather pieces that feel soft and buttery, giving you the ultimate luxurious sensation. Leather cases usually wrap around, meaning they cover the front and back of the iPad. They also safeguard the device against impact or scratches. And if you don’t want to go for the real thing but still want the feel of leather, try a vegan leather iPad Pro 11 inch case.

2. Kickstand Case

A kickstand case is one of the most useful accessories you can invest in for your iPad Pro. It gives you the power to put your iPad in a position that works for you while protecting it. If you need to prop your iPad upright, the kickstand case comes in here. In addition, it will protect your device while you do your thing. Some iPad cases have a hidden kickstand leg at the back. You only need to pull it out to prop the case up. Others flip back into a magnetic trifold, giving you three positions. Or you can find covers like the Zugu iPad Pro 11 inch case gives you ten adjustable angles. A strong magnet holds each angle in place, keeping your iPad perfectly in place.

3. Hard iPad Cases

A hard iPad case's main aim is protection. A hard iPad case usually covers the front and back of the device, providing all-around protection. However, some hard iPad cases cover the back. These cases are made from highly durable plastic, usually polycarbonate, and are water and scratch resistant.

These cases are great because they are lightweight and protect your device from bumps, falls, and scratches. Most are also waterproof and keep liquid spills away from your iPad. Many also offer drop protection - a safety feature where the case protects your iPad in a fall. This doesn't mean you can throw it off a building and pick it up intact. It gives you peace of mind in case your iPad slips off a table or chair. High-quality iPad cases give you the maximum height of drop protection. The Zugu iPad Pro 11 inch case offers drop protection for a five-foot fall.

4. Rugged Cases

If a hard iPad case focuses on protection, then a rugged iPad case makes its absolute priority. Rugged cases are built for active and outdoor lifestyles. And if you want to make sure your iPad is completely safe in the toughest case, look out for rugged covers that offer military-grade protection. Military-grade protection standard case meets standard military tests set by the U. S. Department of Defence. These 29 standard tests range from vibration, humidity, extreme temperatures, shock, sand, and shock exposure. If you see the label MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC, you will know whether the case meets military-grade standards. A military-grade case will have the code MIL-STD-810G.

5. Folio iPad Cases

Folio cases give an elegant look and feel that is hard to match. A folio case looks like its namesake, a folio, an individual piece of paper. Folio iPad cases typically have a front cover that does not fold. Some models have a folding cover that flips back into a trifold case. Folio cases look good and allow you to switch up the iPad according to your looks. However, these types of cases offer low levels of protection.

6. Kids’ iPad Cases

What is the difference between a kid’s iPad Pro 11 inch case and any other case? The answer is simple – a child’s iPad cover is bulky to provide an elevated level of protection. You can never have too much protection, especially when a child is using your device. Children's iPad cases are shockproof and made from EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, a rubber/foam that is lightweight but absorbs shocks and impacts. It's also durable and invincible to the inevitable wear and tear that comes with kids. iPad cases designed with kids in mind come in bright colors and bulky handles, making it easy for tiny hands to grab them. These iPad Pro 11 inch cases are bulky but often do not come with a screen protector, so we do recommend getting one.

Whether you go for a folio case, a rugged cover, or need to choose the next iPad Pro 11 inch case for your child's device, look out for the highest quality materials and customer reviews to choose the best one.