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Why Doesn't My iPad Have a Flashlight?

Updated: 22 December 2023

Sometimes, you need a powerful beam of light to brighten the darkness — and the flashlight feature is one of the iPad's most valuable and underrated tools. Whether looking for stuff under your bed, finding your way in a room, or walking in the dark, the flashlight can safely guide you. 

Which iPads Don’t Have a Flashlight?

The flashlight option is not a make-or-break feature on an iPad. In fact, many models don't include it. The iPad Pro 2015 version is one of these, as well as the third-generation and earlier iPad Air models. The same goes for the iPad Mini — the sixth generation features it, but the earlier models don't. Similarly, standard iPad models don't have a flashlight.

So, which models do include the torch function? Except for the 2015 iPad 12.9, all iPad Pro models have it. The main reason is simple: these iPads all include a flash LED next to the camera, with the flashlight feature using the LED light.

How Do I Switch on the iPad's Flashlight?

There are several ways you can turn on the flashlight on your iPad. The first thing you need to do is check you have the latest iOS. The flashlight only works on iOS11 and higher, so you won't be able to use it if you have an older version.

1. Switch it on from the home screen.

One way of using the flashlight is from the iPad's home screen. Swipe up from the bottom edge while keeping your finger on the screen. This move pulls up the “App Switcher,” where you'll find the Control Center on the right side of the screen. Look for the flashlight button and tap it to turn it on. When the flashlight is on, the button's color changes. You can switch it off by tapping the button again.

The iPad also allows you to control the flashlight's intensity. Press and hold the flashlight button when it's on. A slider split into four sections will pop up on your screen. You can adjust the torch's brightness by moving the slider up or down.

Switch it on from the home screen

It will look like the image but on an iPad.

You can also access this function when using any app. Just swipe from the bottom while keeping your finger on the screen. In addition, you can open the Control Center even when the iPad is locked.

2. Use Siri to switch on the flashlight.

Why not take advantage of Apple's built-in virtual personal assistant to use the iPad? Siri can do all the work if she is active on your iPad. Just say, "Hey Siri, turn on the flashlight." Or give the command to switch it off.

What if the Flashlight Function Is Unavailable in the Control Center?

Don't panic if you have the latest iPad and iOS 11 or higher and still need help finding the flashlight. The function might be off or disabled. Just go to “Settings” and tap on “Control Center.” A second window, split in two, will open. 

The top part lists the functions currently in your Control Center. The bottom part lists the functions you can add. Tap on the plus button next to the flashlight option, and voila. You now have the flashlight feature at your fingertips. Once in the Control Center section of Settings, ensure the toggle button to allow access within apps is on.

Does the Flashlight Drain the iPad's Battery?

In short, the answer is yes. Prolonged use of the flashlight at a high light intensity can drain the iPad's battery. It is easy to forget the flashlight is on — especially in daylight or if you put the iPad down. Make sure you switch it off when done. Or reduce the light intensity if you need to use it for a while. Long-term use might even cause battery problems.

How Can I Protect My iPad’s Flashlight?

The iPad LED dual function also serves as the camera's flash and is adjacent to the lens. iPad camera lenses, especially those of the latest models, are not flush with the back of the device. Putting the iPad on a hard surface or in a bag with sharp objects can scratch or damage the camera and LED.  

An iPad case is one way of protecting the camera and the LED. However, it is essential to choose the protective cover carefully. Otherwise, you might end up with a poorly designed iPad case obstructing the camera. Thankfully, here at ZUGU, we make one of the best iPad cases on the market. Each cut-out and slot is perfectly designed for the camera, ports, buttons, and speakers. And with the multi-angle options, you can use the flashlight any way you like from a sturdy position.

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Why Doesn't My iPad Have a Flashlight

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