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Can I Make My iPad’s Apple Logo Light Up?

There is a certain magical quality to seeing a logo lit up. Apple used to design their Macbooks like that. The shape of the fruit, together with the missing piece, draws your attention to the device. Sadly, Apple stopped including this feature in its design and only the older Macbook Pros and the 13-inch MacBook Air have the backlit Apple logos. Also, the laptops did not have a setting that allowed you to switch them on or off. When the computer is open and on, the logo lights up. When off or closed, the light is off.

The backlit logo feature was never an option for iPhones or iPads. Admittedly, it would look good on an iPad Pro 12.9, but the concept never translated into reality. So far, at least. You can install third-party kits to include a backlit logo on your iPad. However, doing so will void your iPad's warranty and can open Pandora's box of problems if not installed correctly.

Although you can't make your iPad 12.9 logo light up, other options exist to customize your device to your tastes.

1.        Engraving

Apple offers free engraving for every new device purchased. This includes your iPad, AirPods case, AirTag, or Apple Pencil. You can choose between many emojis, numbers, and text in English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, and Telugu. Engrave your initials, favorite numbers, important dates, or an inspirational quote. If the iPad is a gift, you can leave a message for a friend, loved one, colleague, or family member. The options are endless.

What if you want to engrave more than text or an emoji? For example, you might consider the logo of your business, favorite football team, or an artistic design to bejewel the back of the iPad. Apple won't do these designs, but high-quality laser engravers will. You can personalize corporate iPads with the company’s logo or business name. Or put your design, cartoon, or drawing. Laser engraving carefully etches the top coat, revealing the white anodized coating. The process is safe and does not harm the iPad. Research online to find a leading engraving company with high customer reviews for peace of mind.

2.       Change the Wallpaper

Changing the wallpaper is a simple but effective way to make your iPad Pro 12.9 feel like yours. Is there a photo that you love to look at? Perhaps one of your pets, kids, loved ones, or family? Or a fun moment when on holiday? Maybe you can use it as your iPad's wallpaper. However, it is essential to note that not all images work as wallpaper. If the photo is too busy, you might find it difficult to find the apps you need. You can also choose your wallpaper online from hundreds of thousands of high-resolution images. Look for high-quality open-source photos from websites such as Pexels or Pixabay that you can download for free and install. Or use an inspirational quote to keep you on track. You’d be surprised at what a difference changing the wallpaper makes.

3.       Customize the Sounds

Our sense of hearing is one of the most important senses because it allows us to connect to the world. The same goes for your iPad. Customizing your iPad’s sounds will make the device feel unique. And the iPad allows you to personalize almost every notification sound. Choose the tone for your texts, tweets, calendar, reminder alerts, alarms, new mail, sent mail, and so on. You can even change the sound of the lock function, and the keyboard clicks. If you don’t like the ones available, you have the option to purchase more sounds from the Tone Store. Changing the notification sounds is effortless. Go to Settings and scroll down to Sounds. This setting combines all iPad's notification sounds for every app, allowing you to be bespoke to your heart's desire. Why be boring when you can stand out from the crowd?

4.       Buy an iPad 12.9 Case

An iPad cover has a dual function. It instantly changes your iPad Pro 12.9’s look while protecting it. The great thing about iPad covers is that they are highly customizable. There are thousands of covers on the market, catering to every need. You can find kid-friendly covers, funky ones, military-grade, sleek, basic, conservative, flamboyant… and the list goes on. Since you are investing money in an iPad 12.9 case, we highly advise choosing one that looks good but works well. The Zugu iPad 12.9 case is a great example. Sleek and minimal, the Zugu iPad cover takes you from a boardroom to home, from an important meeting with investors to a games night with friends. The case comes in six colors: black, red, executive brown, slate, berry, and pine. Aside from its looks, the Zugu iPad 12.9 case fulfills its protective function. In fact, it protects your iPad from a five-foot fall on concrete thanks to the reinforced corners and TPU plastic. You can choose from 10 angles in the kickstand case. Each slot has a strong magnet that will hold the case firmly in place while using the iPad.