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Why should You Buy a Custom iPad Pro 12.9 Case?

Stand out from the rest of the crowd with a custom iPad Pro 12.9 case that offers you the best features while providing a high level of protection. Whether you work from the office, focus on learning, care for your family, or travel the world, keep your iPad Pro 12.9 safe from any drops, falls, spills, or unwanted surprises.

Advantages of iPad Pro 12.9 Case

Military Grade Protection

Why should you choose to buy a custom iPad case with military-grade protection? A military-grade protection iPad cover has been tested according to a set of military standards by the U. S. Department of Defence. These covers were designed to protect your device in extreme environments. The company tests the product against 29 standard tests ranging from vibration, humidity, extreme temperatures, shock, sand, and exposure. You will know whether a case falls under military protection grade by the label MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC. Look out for this label.


Whether you keep your iPad at the office or take it around during the day, you should get an iPad cover that provides protection. Look for an iPad cover made from durable materials such as TPU or PC. TPU is a lightweight and strong plastic that is used in military equipment and the field of aviation. It is also water and scratch resistant. The Zugu iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation case is an excellent example of a high-quality protective case. It has bumper edges and additional reinforcement in the corners. The Zugu cover also offers major drop protection up to a five-foot drop on concrete.

Magnetic Cover

Why not get a magnetic iPad cover, giving you a wider and better use of your device? A magnetic flap saves battery life by activating the iPad's sleep and waking functions when open and closed. The magnetic cover also locks the iPad when it is closed, protecting your iPad if you forget to lock or switch it off. In addition, some iPad covers, like the Zugu iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation case, include a magnetic mount feature to attach your device to any magnetic surface. Set your iPad on the refrigerator and watch your favorite show while cooking or keep the kids entertained.


One of the best features of a custom iPad case has to be the kickstand case, especially if it is magnetic. A kickstand provides more support, flexibility, and ease of use. iPads are notoriously challenging to prop up on their own, and that is where a kickstand comes in. The magnets in a kickstand case hold the flaps firmly in place, giving you complete peace of mind. The Zugu 12.9 iPad Pro case in leather has ten adjustable angles, each fitted with a powerful magnet.


Modern technology has transformed iPad cases into functional and lightweight accessories while offering high protection. However, you can now choose cases that come in every single shade of color and pattern under the sun. Why not keep a couple of iPad cases in different colors to match your mood, outfit, or workout schedule?


Customize your iPad cover by engraving your initials, favorite quote, company or business logo, or personalized design. Play around with colors and patterns. You can switch up the way your iPad looks whenever you want.

1.   Portable Battery

Don't get caught without battery life; keep a portable battery pack in your bag. They are lightweight and portable, giving your iPad Pro up to two full charges. Even though an iPad Pro’s battery lasts 10 hours, certain apps require more battery juice than others. Even apps such as Procreate, Photoshop, or games consume battery life. If you love scrolling on social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, look for a charger more often.

2.   Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is one of the most versatile accessories for your iPad Pro 12.9. It will elevate the way you use your device, whether you draw, edit, take notes, mark documents, or play games. The Apple Pencil has imperceptible lag and pixel-perfect precision. It is pressure sensitive – if you want to create thicker shapes, you only need to increase the pressure on the screen. The Apple Pencil also features a double-tap function to reverse, erase or undo your last step.

3.   Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard changes the way you use your iPad, transforming it into a mini laptop. The iPad Pro 12.9 case has great screen real estate if you want to use the online keyboard. However, typing on a keyboard is so much easier. Bluetooth keyboards are portable and can be wirelessly charged through the iPad Pro. Some models are foldable, taking up very little space. Use the Bluetooth Keyboard with your iPad anywhere – at the office, in a coffee shop, or when traveling.

Keep your device safe with the iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation case that you can customize to your needs, wants, and lifestyle.