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A search for the best iPad Air 10.9 Case

Introducing Jake

Jake works in game development, and his iPad Air  is his constant companion, on and off the job. Originally he felt the Apple tablet, assigned to him (without an iPad Air 10.9 case) by his department, was just a nice perk; but over time it morphed into an essential part of his work day as well as a one-stop for all his social interactions and fun entertainment for any bored minute.

Jake likes his iPad, but he didn’t realize how difficult it would be to live without it till the day his coworker knocked it off his desk— by accident, of course. One hard knock on the hard office floors shattered the screen and made the iPad unusable. For three days, till the screen was replaced, Jake was out of an iPad, and those three days made him do some hard thinking about a better way to protect his favorite device from clumsy coworkers in the future. 

What he settled on, not surprisingly, was an iPad case. But Jake doesn’t do things by halves, and if he was going to get a case, he wanted to get the best case, anywhere. A case that he could depend on no matter how clumsy the rest of the world was. He ended up (spoiler alert) with a Zugu case, and he’s never had a problem with his iPad since. So what does this case look like, and what makes it the best? 

Key features of an iPad Air 10.9 case

When Jake began his search, he put together a list of all the features he wanted in a case for his iPad. His list looked like this:

  • 360 degree protection
  • Drop-tested to meet independent standards
  • Warranty/guarantee against damage to iPad in case
  • Multi-angle stand
  • Easy to grasp/tactile surface
  • Lightweight
  • Slot for apple pencil
  • Automatic sleep/wake
  • Good fit, precise cut-outs for camera & charge cord

Then he wrote down a few more criteria he felt a good iPad Air case should meet:

  • 5 star Amazon reviews (above 4)
  • Themes I want to see in reviews: durable, good protection
  • High sales & large number of ratings

With that, Jake felt he pretty much had it nailed. It was time to comb the web for 10.9 iPad Air case possibilities and create a shortlist of possible bests. Being a programmer, he didn’t feel like doing this the long way, instead, he quickly put together a piece of code that ran the search for him and came up with the best option among those with all desired features that met his criteria. 

When Zugu came up, all he had to do was run a quick check to make sure the case selected was really all it was billed to be, and ensure his code hadn’t messed up. All looked good, so he placed his order. Now all that was left was the testing. 

Unboxing a Zugu iPad Air 10.9 Case

Jake’s Zugu case came in the mail a day or two after he placed his order, and when he pulled it out of the box, his first impression was how substantial it felt. TPU exterior is, essentially, a type of plastic, but this case didn’t feel plastic and had a good texture. He slipped it on his iPad Air and it fit like a glove.

One thing had concerned him when he first came face to face with the necessity of buying an iPad case: the bulk. His iPad Air was pleasantly light, and he liked it that way. With a case on, the tablet was certainly heavier. As he started using it, though, he realized that it wasn’t that much extra bulk, and the extra weight wasn’t much of a burden. What was lost was more than made up for with the extra security his case provided and the tactile experience he had as he grasped it in his hand. 

Zugu 10.9 iPad Air Case Features to Love

It’s been a couple of weeks since Jake got his Zugu in the mail, and he’s pretty happy with his purchase.  He loves the multi-angle stand which allows him to prop up his iPad just the way he likes it: no more moving office plants and stacks of books to make DIY stands on the fly. He loves the built-in magnet mount that is so strong it can hold the iPad up on any metal surface, like his refrigerator. He also really likes the look of his iPad case, and the way it feels in hand.  The pencil slot has come in handy, and now he never has to look for his apple pencil when he wants to use it: it’s always right there, ready to grab. 

But what really sealed the deal for him was the protection the case provides his iPad. It didn’t take long till the advertised military spec protection was put to the real test: his coworker (accidentally) knocked the iPad off the desk again, and his heart went into his mouth as it landed on the floor with a resounding thud. This time, though, the iPad suffered no damage, and was good to go when he had scooped it off the floor. 

One of these days, Jake will be writing his own Amazon review, and he plans to give his iPad case five stars.  If anyone asks what the best iPad Air 10.9 case is, he’ll tell them right out: get a Zugu, and you’ll have the best case on the market today.