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4 Amazing Features of Our 4th Generation iPad Air 10.9 Case

Protecting your iPad Air from damage is the key to ensuring that you don’t have to replace your device before its time. And, how do you do that? By investing in a reliable, well-built, sturdy iPad case. If your 4th generation iPad Air is in need of a case, the best choice is one that won’t just be aesthetic or stylish - a case’s true purpose is always protection. 

So, when you need an iPad Air 10.9 Case (4th Gen) 2020, your focus should always be on how well protected your device will be inside the case. That’s why your best option is our iPad Air case, designed to perfectly fit your 10.9-inch, 4th generation iPad Air. Interested in learning more about why we believe our case is the best? Keep reading for four of its most amazing features.

Major drop protection

Every Zugu case is made from two high-quality hard plastics, polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). These materials are used to manufacture items such as safety helmets and bullet-resistant glass, a testament to just how strong and durable they truly are. You can expect your case to withstand whatever drops, falls, or normal wear and tear that it may experience. In fact, Zugu cases have military drop protection, enhanced in part by the bumpers along the edge of each case. Military-grade drop protection can only be given to cases that have been properly tested - meaning, the case was placed onto a device, the device was then dropped on all sides, and the device showed no signs of damage after any of these drop tests. 

The bumpers along the case edges serve as a shock absorption method, ensuring that the shock of the impact from a fall does not cause dents or cracks to the device. These shock absorbers “swallow” the shockwaves before they can radiate across the device, damaging the screen or the iPad’s body. 

Special airflow vents

iPad cases that do not have vents can lead to device overheating. When a device overheats, it can cause permanent damage to the internal mechanisms and lead to malfunctions that make the device virtually useless. While many cases do not take this into consideration, Zugu cases are the expectation to the rule. Every case has airflow vents built into them that allow the heat generated during use to dissipate before it can dangerously increase the temperature of the device. What does this mean? That this iPad Air 10.9 Case (4th Gen) 2020 will be well equipped to protect your device without endangering it by allowing it to overheat. 

While overheating can be detrimental to the integrity of your device, it can also cause injury to the user. With this case, even after hours of use, you can be sure that your device (and you) are safe from harm. 

Eight-angle adjustable stand

Being able to properly prop your device isn’t a guarantee with every iPad case that you purchase. Some cases don’t have stands and, those that do, often aren’t adjustable or only have a few possible angles. This iPad Air 10.9 case not only has an adjustable stand, but you can also choose from any of eight angles - around two or three times more than what many other stands offer. These angles allow you to prop your device in whatever position is most comfortable for you, for any range of uses. 

Want to watch your favorite Netflix series? Or, maybe, you’re using your iPad Air for digital art creation? You can easily and quickly find an angle that works best for you. Plus, the stand is magnetized, which allows it to better stay in place once it’s adjusted. Due to the durability of the case’s materials, the stand won’t buckle or bend, even after many uses. You can use your device, propped at angle angled, without worrying about it falling out of place or collapsing under pressure. 

Wireless Apple Pencil charging

If you have a 2nd generation Apple Pencil, you can charge your accessory wirelessly while it is attached to your case. Every iPad case from Zugu has an Apple Pencil pocket conveniently located on its back. You can easily reach your pencil anytime you need it without having to open your case to remove it. But, one of the best aspects of this Apple Pencil pocket is that it can be used to house your accessory while it charges. With the latest generation pencil model, you can simply place your pencil in the pocket, set your device to charge, and your pencil will charge along with it. You won’t have to remove the accessory (which you do for many other cases) or adjust it at all - wireless charging removes one less responsibility from your mind.

The best iPad Air 10.9 case of 2021

Although there are many iPad Air cases available online, there aren’t many that offer the level of protection that Zugu cases do. And, those that can protect your device are often lacking some of the more useful features that set Zugu cases apart. These four features, and more, make investing in Zugu’s iPad Air 10.9 case an easy, worthwhile choice. 

If you’d like to find out more about this product, or any other that the company offers, simply head over to our website for more information.