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Need a New iPad 10.2 Case? Here's Why Ours is the Best

You can protect your iPad by using a strong and reliable case for your device. If you don’t invest in the right iPad case, you run the risk of having your device encounter damage that otherwise could be prevented. 

If you’re looking for an iPad 10.2-inch (7th and 8th generation) case that will keep your device safe, we at Zugu have you covered. Every case, no matter which iPad model it’s created for, is expertly crafted to protect your device from falls and wear and tear. If you’re looking for an iPad case that won’t fail in its mission to keep your device protected, you can put your trust in Zugu. 

Not quite convinced that this is the iPad 10.2 case for you? Keep reading for some of the top reasons why we think our case is the best.

Expert-level construction for major drop protection

Every Zugu case is made from two premium hard plastic materials. These materials, polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, are some of the industries most stable and reliable hard plastics. They are commonly used to construct safety equipment and bullet resistant glass, which speaks to just how tough and durable they really are. 

The construction of each case is also incredibly important. That’s why each case is perfectly designed to fit the model of iPad it was created for. Unlike some other cases, you won’t have to worry about the cutouts in the case not matching the ports on your device. And, as part of every case’s expert construction, its edges are outfitted with bumpers that act as shock absorbers. If your device is dropped or falls, these bumpers ensure that the shock of the impact does not radiate across the device and cause dents or cracks. 

Airflow vents to prevent overheating

When a device is in a case, it’s easy for it to overheat due to the heat generated becoming trapped inside the case. With many iPad cases, you’ll find that the temperature of the device raises significantly the longer it is used, leading to the user having to remove the case completely to keep the device cool. To prevent overheating and the damage and inconvenience that it can cause, Zugu cases are designed with airflow vents. 

These vents ensure that the heat generated during use is able to escape the case before it can affect the device’s temperature. Since devices with overheating damage are incredibly difficult (and expensive) to fix, Zugu cases can save you money you may otherwise have to spend to fix or replace your device.  

Magnetic mount for hands-free use

One of the most standout features of this iPad 10.2 case is that it comes equipped with a magnetic mount on the back of the case. This mount is made from magnets that are strong enough to hold the weight of your device and the case. The mount can be attached to any flat metal surface, such as a stainless refrigerator or metal-backed chalkboard. 

You’ll find this feature very handy in cases where you’d like use your device but need to keep your tabletops or counters free of clutter. Need to follow a recipe in the kitchen? Simply attach the device to your metal fridge (or any other flat surface) and you can follow along hands-free.

Adjustable stand for easy propping 

Many iPad cases don’t have stands. And, those that do, often don’t have stands that are adjustable. With Zugu, every case comes with a sturdy, adjustable magnetic stand. For this particular iPad 10.2-inch case, the adjustable stand has eight possible angles to choose from. This is in contrast to some cases that only have two or three angle options for their stands. 

With eight possible angles, you can easily find a way to prop your device that’s easiest for you. Need to attend a virtual class? There’s an angle for that. Maybe you’d like to binge-watch your favorite TV show? There’s also an angle for that! The legs of the stand are strong and won’t buckle or bend during use. You can rest assured that, even after many uses, your stand will still be able to hold your device in place. 

Apple Pencil pocket for convenient storage 

If you have an Apple Pencil, you can easily and conveniently store it in the elastic pocket on the back. This pocket is stretchy without being too loose and provides a safe, snug location for your pencil. You won’t have to worry about your accessory slipping out of the pocket and getting lost. 

This pocket is designed to be easy to reach but won’t get in the way of using your device. In fact, you can have your Apple Pencil in the pocket and still extend your adjustable stand in any of its eight positions. 

When you are in need of an iPad 10.2-inch case for your device, you can trust Zugu to keep your device safe. And, to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase, Zugu has a risk-free guarantee and warranty. You can choose from a variety of colors, such as Navy, Purple, Black, and Red. If you hurry, you can also score your new iPad case in one of Zugu’s two new limited edition case colors! Want to find out more about Zugu and its products? Click here to get more information!