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Here's The Most Sturdy iPad Air 10.9 Case on the Market

The right iPad Air 10.9 case for your device won’t just be trendy or have only the latest bells and whistles. The main function of a case is protection and at the core of a case’s ability to protect your device is how sturdily it is built.

Many cases aren’t designed to last you years into the future. In fact, manufacturers often purposefully create cases that will quickly degrade and need to be repurchased. But, at Zugu, we never use false claims to lead you astray. Instead, we focus on offering you the best and most well-designed iPad cases for any generation model, including iPad Pro 12.9 cases and iPad Mini cases.

In this article, we’ll take a look at one of the most durable and reliable iPad Air 10.9 cases on the market. In addition to its sturdiness, this case has multiple practical features that make it well worth the investment. 

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Robust bumper and rugged shell for major drop protection

The construction of this case is what ensures its reliability and sturdiness. The shell and its components are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. These two materials are incredibly strong hard plastics, commonly used to make safety helmets, and are uniquely suited to proving a durable shell for your device.

The edges of the case are outfitted with bumpers that aid in drop protection. These bumpers are thick enough to absorb shock during an impact but don’t add any unnecessary bulk to the case. Your device’s edges are incredibly vulnerable and are one of the easiest places to get cracks and dents. Shock in these areas also is prone to radiating across the device, leading to tiny cracks along the body and, sometimes, the screen. The bumpered edges of the case help to prevent both hairline cracks and fractures and more serious damage like denting. 

Adjustable magnetic stand - 8 different angles

Another sturdy element of this case is its adjustable magnetic stand. This stand has eight different angles and its legs are magnetized to ensure a secure hold while the device is propped. Having eight different ways to prop your device is very useful, especially considering that many cases only have two or three possible stand angles to choose from.

The legs of the stand are tough enough to keep your device propped for hours of use. Unlike some other cases, you won’t experience any buckling or bending of the legs - not even with regular use of the stand. 

Secure magnetic mount capability

If you need to use your device hands-free, you can also use the case’s secure magnetic mount. The back of the case is outfitted with strong magnets that allow it to be safely attached to any flat metal surface. The magnets are heavy-duty and allow the device to stay in place without slipping or sliding due to gravity.

This is a great feature to use on a stainless steel refrigerator or even metal cabinets. The mounting capability is easy to use and, although the magnets are powerful, the device can be quickly detached from the surface by gently pulling it towards you to break the magnetic seal.

Airflow vents 

The heat generated during the use of your device needs to have a way to escape from inside the case. If your iPad Air 10.9 case doesn’t have airflow vents, it’s possible that your device will overheat during use. Overheating is one of the most serious ways that you can permanently damage your device. The issues caused by overheating often make it severely malfunction and the melted metal internally makes this problem almost impossible to repair.

By including airflow vents built into the sides of the case, Zugu has anticipated this issue and took action to prevent it. These vents allow the hot air to escape and provide a way for cool air to entire the case.

Soft microfiber interior

The interior of this case is lined with a soft, thin, microfiber material. This material adds extra protection by cushioning the device from the inside of the case. If the case is severely punctured by a sharp object, the added layer of material helps to prevent your device from being impacted by the object. 

This microfiber is designed with minute fibers that allow it to be soft so that the material does not cause micro-scratches to the body of your device. 

Protective magnetic cover

The protective cover on this iPad Air 10.9 case helps to keep the screen of your device free from damage. The cover is thick enough to offer protection but doesn’t weigh down the case or the device. It is lined with the same soft microfiber material as the interior of the case, which works to prevent the build-up of grease, dirt, lint, and other elements that may become stuck on the screen. 

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Elastic Apple Pencil pocket and wireless Apple Pencil charging

If you have an Apple Pencil, storing it is often the biggest headache of owning the accessory. This case has an Apple Pencil pocket on the back that makes for quick and convenient storage of your pencil. The pocket is elastic so storing and removing your pencil is easy and can be done with one hand. 

And, if you have a later model of the pencil, you can even charge it while it is being stored. 

When you invest in Zugu iPad products, like a case for your iPad Air 10.9 or even an iPad Pro 11 case, you are investing in the future of your device. Ready to take the leap? Check out the iPad Air 10.9 case product page for more details!