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Our iPad Pro 11 inch Case is a Smart Investment - And Here's Why

If you’re searching for a new case for your first-generation iPad Pro 11 inch, you’re sure to have realized that cases come in all shapes, colors, and styles. And, when it comes to choosing the “perfect” iPad Pro 11-inch case, it can be tough to decipher which cases actually offer protection and which are for show. While buying a case for its style or design isn’t a bad thing, if that case can’t keep your device safe from cracks and dents, then it simply isn’t worth the money.

When it comes to Zugu, we’ve discovered just how to make iPad cases that are durable, light-weight, affordable, and designed for ultimate device safety. And, since you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for protection, this iPad Pro 11 inch case has a beautifully modern design and is offered in five classic colors. 

Major drop protection

One of the most important aspects of your case is how well it’s able to protect your device. This feature is often dependent on how well constructed the case is, which is further dependent on what type of material the case is made from. Zugu cases are made only from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. These materials are two of the world’s most premium hard plastics and are commonly used in the manufacture of safety helmets and bullet-resistant glass. 

The edges of this case are outfitted with shock-absorbing bumpers that protect the corners of your device. These bumpers are designed to prevent the shock of impact during a fall from causing dents and cracks, especially in vulnerable areas like the device’s corners and screen. The bumpers are thick but don’t add any unnecessary bulk to the case, keeping it lightweight and easy to handle. 

Adjustable magnetic stand

This iPad Pro 11-inch case has an adjustable magnetic that can be used in up to eight different angles. This stand is magnetized to ensure a strong hold while your device is propped. Due to the magnets in the legs and the indents they sit in, the stand isn’t at risk of slipping or sliding out of place. The legs of the stand are designed to support the weight of your device without bending or buckling, even after hours of use. 

Wireless Apple Pencil charging 

If you have an Apple Pencil, you can conveniently store your accessory in a pocket located on the back of this case. This pocket is elastic and can comfortably fit both the first and second-generation Apple Pencil. Having a safe place to store your pencil is great for preventing against your accessory from being lost or misplaced. And, if you have a compatible version of the Apple Pencil, you can also enjoy wireless charging.

Once your pencil is stored in the pocket and your device is put to charge, the pencil will automatically charge. This feature makes it easier to use your accessory by eliminating the need for you to charge it separately. 

Microfiber lining

The entire interior of the case is lined with a soft microfiber material. This lining helps to further protect your device by adding a layer of cushioning that can prevent damage during drops or falls. The softness of this material also ensures that the body of your device doesn’t develop micro-scratches, which can occur if the lining is made of cheap or rough material. 

Cases that don’t have linings can sometimes leave marks or stains on the device after a while of use. Because this case is lined, you don’t have to worry about any type of discoloration, even if you use this for years to come. 

Protective cover 

To help ensure the safety of your device’s screen, this case also has a magnetized protective cover. This cover wraps around the entirety of your screen when closed and can prevent scratches and cracks if your device is dropped. Since the cover is magnetized, it remains closed (or open) once it’s placed in position. 

But, this case doesn’t just offer protection against impact. It can also prevent against accidental touches and helps to keep elements such as lint and dust from building up on the screen. And, it also works with the iPad Pro’s automatic screen sleep/wake feature. When the cover is closed, the screen automatically darkens and is automatically lightens again once the cover is opened. This feature is often useful for saving the device’s battery life by keeping the screen from being on when it isn’t being used. Instead of having to manually darken the screen, you can simply close the cover and know that your battery is being preserved. 

Magnetic mount 

One of the most impressive features on this iPad Pro 11 inch case is its magnetic mount capability. The back of the case is magnetized using strong magnets that enable an encased device to be securely mounted to any flat metal surface. This is incredibly useful if you need to use your device hands-free but don’t have space to use the adjustable stand.

If you have a flat metal appliance in your house, such as a stainless refrigerator, you can attach your case to this surface and use your device without it being in the way. This magnetic mount can be used in any space with an acceptable flat metal (or magnetic) surface, such as your office, your classroom, or dorm room.