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Holidays on the Brain? Gift Your Loved One a New iPad Pro 12.9 Case

It’s the season for giving, but figuring out just what to gift someone can be tricky. And, when it comes to electronics, choosing the device with the perfect amount of RAM or the best camera quality isn’t an easy task. So, instead, you can focus on finding the right electronic accessory -- like gifting someone you know and love a new iPad Pro 12.9 case

Although finding a good iPad case can be challenging, the right case will be well worth the time and energy spent looking for it. And, since we know that scrolling through pages of iPad cases isn’t a great way to spend your time, we’ve got a great recommendation for a gift. Our iPad Pro 12.9 case has amazing features, including airflow vents and an adjustable stand, and is both affordable and trendy. 

But, before we get into the practical features of this case, let’s talk about the military-grade protection that it offers. This case is made from TPU and PC, two hard plastic materials that are used to construct safety helmets and bullet-resistant glass. The toughness of the shell is further fortified by thick shock-absorbing bumpers that run along the edge of the case. These bumpers protect the vulnerable edges of the case from damage, like dents and cracks. This case has undergone drop-testing and is capable of protecting a device from damage during a fall or drop from a height of at least five feet. No matter the reason for the gift, you can be sure that this case will offer the receiver top-notch, long-lasting protection. 

Now that you’ve learned more about this case’s protective features, it’s time to dive into the features that make it stand out. Keep reading to learn more about why we think this iPad Pro 12.9 case is the perfect gift.

Adjustable magnetic stand with 10 different angles

The adjustable stand on this case can be used in any of ten different angle positions. The stand is expertly crafted to hold the weight of the device for hours at a time with no buckling or bending. The legs of the stand are made from the same durable materials as the shell of the case, ensuring a safe, sturdy hold while your device is propped. 

The magnets in the legs of the stand keep them from shifting out of place once they are set. Small stoppers at the end of each leg help the legs fit snugly into the depressions where the legs are placed. The many angle positions of the stand make it easy to quickly go from watching a movie to reading a book -- it’s always effortless to find the right angle to view your device. Secure magnetic mount capability (on any metal surface)

Airflow vents for overheating prevention 

Damage from overheating is often an incredibly costly type of damage to fix. Overheating occurs when the device is unable to cool down during use. This typically happens when hot air becomes trapped inside the case, causing the temperature of the device to rise. Once this occurs, the device can begin to malfunction and begin to noticeably become more difficult to use. Although there’s no way to prevent a device from generating heat, there are ways to keep the device from overheating.

This case is designed to ensure that overheating damage is prevented from happening to your device. The sides of the case contain small airflow vents that allow hot air to escape from inside the case. Because of these vents, generated heat does not remain trapped within the case long enough to cause a dangerous temperature spike. Cool air is able to flow into the case, keeping the device’s temperature at safe levels. This prevention feature means that the device can be used for hours at a time without overheating and experiencing unsafe temperatures. 

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Protective magnetic cover with auto sleep/wake activation 

The protective cover that is attached to this case is another feature that’s worth mentioning. The cover is designed to help prevent accidental touches and dust and grime from accumulating on the screen, but it does much more than this. 

The magnets in the cover ensure that a closed cover is securely sealed for ultimate protection of your screen. And, these same magnets interact with the sleep sensor in the device, automatically activating the device’s sleep/wake feature. This feature, which automatically puts the device into a low power mode, can only be activated by specially designed covers, such as this one. When the cover is closed, the device’s screen with darken and the device will shift into a semi-shutdown mode. The device will remain this way while the cover is closed, but will return to its normal power mode with a brightened screen after the opening of the cover. 

Apple Pencil pocket and wireless Apple Pencil charging compatibility

If the person you’re gifting this iPad Pro 12.9 case to has an Apple Pencil, they can securely store this pencil in a dedicated pocket on the back of this case. The pocket is made from a thick, high-quality elastic material that snugly grips the pencil for a tight hold. Once the pencil is inside the pocket, the device can be moved and transported without fear of the pencil falling or slipping out. 

And, if the pencil is capable of wireless charging, there’s no need to remove it from the pocket to charge its battery. Once it’s been connected to the iPad Pro, the user can simply put the device to charge and the pencil will charge from within the pocket. Many iPad cases don’t have reliable Apple Pencil storage but, with this iPad case, pencil storage is certainly not an afterthought. 

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