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How Long Does the iPad 12.9 Pro Take to Charge?

The iPad 12.9 5th generation is a powerful beast with its high-tech retina display and advanced operating system. Few things can set off panic bells more than the battery icon on your iPad Pro 12.9 turning red when in the middle of an assignment, email, or project. It's easy for the battery to run out, primarily if you use the device to watch movies, draw or play games. Unless you plug in the device to charge and fail to see a lightning bolt on the battery icon.

On average, the iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation takes up to four hours to charge when connected to the mains electricity supply with the 12W charging block. However, you can shorten the charging time by almost half with a charging block with a higher wattage. But what can you do if your iPad doesn’t want to take the juice? Follow our top nine tips to help bring your iPad back to life.

1.   Do a Hard Reset

It is not uncommon for iPads to stop charging, especially if the battery runs very low. Or one of your apps crashed, turning the screen black. Restarting the device is the only way to get it up and running. Keep in mind that the iPad Pro 12.9 does not have a home button. All you need to do is quickly press the Volume UP button, followed by the Volume Down button. Then press and hold the top button until the device switches off and the Apple logo appears on the screen. This should fix any software issues with the device.

2.   Check the Lightning Cable

The lightning cable might be faulty and not provide enough wattage to the device. Examine it closely. Are there any dents in the wire or discoloration? Are parts of the wire frayed or exposed? If so, it is time to buy a new cable. Try charging the iPad with another cable to see whether that is the cause of the problem. Also, always use cables that are MFI-certified. It can be tempting to buy a cheap charging cable from the hardware store, but these do not conform to Apple’s standards. In fact, these cables might cause your device to overheat, creating even more problems.

3.   Check the Charging Adapter

Start by switching the charging adapter to see if you manage to charge your iPad. Also referred to as a charging block, the iPad's adapter is different from the one supplied with an iPhone. The wattage power required to charge an iPad is higher than an iPhone. In addition, Apple offers higher wattage charging blocks that allow your device to top up its battery faster.

4.   Clean the Charging Port

If your iPad isn't charging, the charging port might be the problem. Dust particles and dirt love to accumulate there. The best way to clean it is to brush the port gently with a clean, dry toothbrush. Firstly, switch off the iPad and shine a torch into the port. Then use the brush to pull out any fluff or dirt trapped inside. Or use a pair of tweezers to pull out what is stuck inside delicately. However, if using tweezers, avoid touching the metal sides of the port to prevent any damage. You might be surprised at what comes out. 

5.   Check for Obstructions

What happens if the lightning cable and charging block work just fine but your iPad still refuses to charge. Your iPad case could be the culprit. Try removing it entirely and connect the iPad to charge. A poorly fitting cover can obstruct the ports or push the lightning wire to an awkward angle, preventing any electricity from passing through. Instead, choose a case designed around your iPad’s needs. Zugu cases, for example, fit perfectly around the iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation. Zugu tailored the charging slot flawlessly to allow ample space for the lightning cable without obstructions. In addition, you can also charge your Apple Pencil wirelessly with the case. Zugu covers also guarantee five-foot drop protection against a concrete floor for your device, giving you complete peace of mind.

6.   Check the Electricity Supply

Although this tip might seem basic, it isn't. Check whether you have a mains electricity supply. Switch on a lamp or open the fridge, for example. 

7.   Check the iPad’s Temperature

Like all iPads, the iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation shuts down when it overheats or becomes too cold. Not only will you not be able to use the device, but it will not charge. If your iPad feels hot or cold, let it return to room temperature. Once it cools or heats up, the iPad should charge.

8.   You’re Charging the iPad with Your Mac

Remember that the iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation is a potent device. So, charging it from your Macbook or laptop will not work because they can't provide enough wattage. Use the charging block to get it back to full battery power.

9.   Get professional help

If you tried all the above and your iPad still does not charge, then it is time to contact the professionals. You can either get it checked by Apple if you have AppleCare+ or find a reliable technician in your area.