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How to Protect your iPad Pro 11 Camera

The camera on the latest generations of iPad Pro is a thing of beauty. Powerful and with an even brighter flash, the cameras allow you to take photos worthy of a professional. The iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 have a 12MP wide camera and a 10MP ultra-wide camera, giving you a more comprehensive range of camera settings. These high-tech cameras are easily identifiable on the iPad Pros with their raised edge at the back of the device. Undoubtedly, the camera's extended corners make it more prone to getting dirty or damaged. We'll guide you on the best ways to clean, protect and care for it.

1. Clean the Camera

You might realize that something is up with your iPad 11 Pro camera when you take a photo. The image might look smudged or dirty. First, get a soft, clean microfibre cloth and carefully wipe the edges and camera lenses. It is essential to be gentle so as not to damage the lens. Second, get a clean toothbrush and lightly brush around the edges to dislodge any dust or fluff. Microparticles like to sit in the almost invisible grooves.

2. Invest in a Camera Protector

Since Apple’s design made the cameras jutting out from the back, the lens becomes an easy target for hits and scratches. If you prefer using the iPad without a case, then you might want to look into buying a camera lens protector. A high-quality lens cover will not jeopardize the quality of your images. Look for one made out of tempered glass that includes a cleaning kit and detailed instructions for its application.

3. Be Gentle With the Camera

Avoid touching the camera glass with your hands to reduce smudges or transferring dirt. Also, if you go out and pack your iPad, make sure that you don't put it together with other hard objects. So, for example, keep your device away from keys, pens, or wallet zippers to prevent unwanted scratches.

Take care when putting down your iPad on a hard surface. Put it down on a soft cloth, towel, or fabric to protect the camera glass. However, making sure you have a clean cloth always at hand might not be possible. In that case, you can find an alternative solution in the next tip.

4. Use An iPad Case

Investing in a good iPad case increases your iPad's longevity and quality of life. A good case will protect your device and safeguard its camera lenses from unwanted bumps or falls. However, choosing a raised bezel case for the camera is crucial, as the bezel prevents the lens from coming into contact with any surface. And that leads us to the next question, which is the best case for your iPad and its camera? Here are our top three covers.

Top Three iPad 11 Inch Cases

1. Urban Armor Gear

This heavy-duty case offers you military-grade protection. The case has an outer shell that is non-slip and water repellent with a soft-lined interior to protect your iPad. Its body envelopes the iPad completely, safeguarding your iPad and sealing the area around its camera. The cut-outs fit perfectly around the lenses and charging ports. The Urban Armor Gear iPad Pro 11 case also has a kickstand to prop your iPad at a 45-degree angle.

However, this case adds weight to your device and bulks up the shape. The fit is very tight and can dislodge your iPad’s screen protector.

2. ESR Rebound Case

The ESR Rebound case has a trifold flap that you can use to fold over and use your iPad in two positions – almost flat and quasi-upright. It has a lightweight feel but has a non-slip grip. There is also a slot for your Apple Pencil, covered by the magnetic flap. Thanks to its inbuilt scratch protection, the case protects the entire iPad, including the camera.

3. Zugu iPad Pro 11 Case

The Zugu case brings together all you need in an iPad case: protection, function, and versatility. Not only is the case made out of TPU plastic, one of the most durable materials in the world, but Zugu guarantees your iPad’s protection in a five-foot fall against concrete. In addition, the corners have added reinforcement to protect against any bumps or falls. The company has blind faith in its cases to the extent that it offers to pay for AppleCare+ fees if the iPad sustains damage when in the cover.

Aside from protection, the case has eight angled slots that you can use. You aren't limited to just two positions – flat or upright. Instead, you can choose the angle for the task: entertaining the kids, writing an email, or doodling artwork. Thanks to the magnets embedded in each slot, there is no risk of slipping.

The Zugu iPad Pro 11 case has inbuilt airflow vents that keep your device's temperature stable, no matter how long you use it. The cover is not only built to save your iPad from damage but to help you use it for longer. Take advantage of its feature that allows you to wirelessly charge your Apple Pencil and store it in an elastic pocket at the back.