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The Best Protective Case for Your Ipad


With more than 425 million iPads sold since the iconic Apple tablet hit the market in 2010 and 14.7 million sold in the third quarter of 2021, the iPad has become a staple of American households. Its use shapeshifts from an online cookbook to a kid's entertainment center, a movie screen, or office space - sometimes within a matter of hours. Finding the best iPad case is one of the best ways of extending its lifespan and adapting the tablet to your needs. We searched the market and found you the top iPad pro case 11 and the iPad pro 12.9 case

Choose the Best Protective Case for Your Ipad

Finding a suitable iPad case can feel complicated or overwhelming, with thousands of different models out on the market. However, consumer reviews are an easy clue that can guide you to make the right choice. And the brand of iPad cases that hits the sweet spot that reigns over others while offering protection and versatility is Zugu

With more than 50,000 customer reviews on Amazon and an average five-star rating, Zugu cases have you covered. Not only are they durable, but they offer you the functionality that you need. The protective cases’ distinctive is the magnetic kickstand that allows you to safely prop the iPad to at a minimum of eight different angles. 

Zugu's iPad's Top Features

So what do Zugu's cases have to offer that makes them rise above the rest? Firstly, durability is the main feature. Built out of polycarbonate, an extremely enduring material, the case protects your iPad against falls, the leading cause of tablet damage. Even the corners, the first point of contact in a fall, are reinforced. So, whether the iPad slips out of tiny little hands or falls off your lap while working, you are covered. In fact, dropping an iPad accounts for 54% of damage, while another 15% needed repairs after falling off a table. With this in mind, Zugu promises complete protection for your iPad case for a five-foot drop on cement. 

Secondly, Zugu cases provide you with all the functionality you expect from your iPad. The case fits the iPad like a glove, with perfectly sized ports opening. Sticky buttons make the tablet sensitive to the lightest touch, while inbuilt airflow vents prevent overheating. The cases are lined with smooth microfibre, protecting the iPad's surface and repelling dust and dirt. The cover also has a soft magnetic shut feature, automatically putting the iPad to sleep when closed. Zugu cases also have an elastic case for the Apple Pencil, keeping it safe. 

However, the third and most unique feature of Zugu cases is the magnetic slots in the back flap, which allow you to angle the iPad according to your needs. Thanks to its magnetic casing, you can even mount the iPad in an upright position, such as on a refrigerator.  

Here are the main features of the latest and most popular Zugu models: the iPad pro case 11 and the iPad pro 12.9 case.

Zugu Ipad Pro Case 11

There are two Zugu models for this size. One is compatible with the 2020 iPad Pro 11 Gen 2 and the 2021 iPad Pro 11 Gen 3. The other is for 2018 models. The case features an elastic pocket for the Apple Pencil. Zugu cases can also charge the stylus wirelessly. Also, the magnetic iPad Pro 11 case holds the Apple Pencil on every side, just in case you don't feel like putting it in the pocket. The flap has eight angles, giving you an ample range of comfort to use the iPad. Choose between seven colors for the latest model, ranging from black, blue, pink, and green. The older version comes in five colors. Lightweight and sturdy, the Zugu iPad pro case 11 gives you style and comfort while protecting your tablet. 

Zugu Ipad Pro Case 12.9

Zugu also designed a case for the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 models. Unlike the older models, the iPad Pro 12.9 case has ten angled slots, giving you a wider range of motion. It also has wireless charging for your Apple Pencil and significant drop protection. Its sturdy case puts your mind at ease without feeling bulky. Also, you are spoilt for choice when choosing a color. Aside from the classic black, there is also red, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, and blue. 

There is also an older version of the Zugu iPad pro case 12.9. This one is compatible with 4th generation 2020 iPads. 

The story behind Zugu

Zugu is the brainchild of Tim Angel, who set up the company in 2010. He wanted high-quality protective iPad cases that served both aesthetics and functionality. In fact, Zugu cases are at the top of the industry in providing stability and protection. 

Each product is carefully curated to provide the ultimate service to the customer. This level of care extends beyond the actual product to the consumer. Zugu offers a two-year warranty on all iPad cases with 100% satisfaction and a one-time coverage of AppleCare+ repair fees if the iPad gets damaged in a Zugu case. The company also donates a percentage of its profits to sponsor children in collaboration with Children International.

Three Tips to Protect Your Ipad

  • Use a Screen Protector

    Although your iPad is protected when the Zugu case is shut, the screen can get damaged when open. Buy a protective screen cover from Zugu for additional peace of mind.

    • Keep the iPad Away from Liquids

      Liquid spills are one of the most common causes of damage in iPads. Spilled liquids can easily seep into the edges and damage the electronics.

      • Protect Your iPad from Heat and Cold

        Temperature extremes can damage the iPad so keep it away from sources of heat and cold to prolong its lifespan.


        Treat yourself while protecting your iPad. Zugu created the iPad pro case 11 and iPad pro case 12.9 for your needs. Whether you need to do a workout, follow a recipe from the iPad stuck to the fridge, keep a little one entertained or reply to a work email, Zugu has you covered.