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Which Is The Best iPad Air 4 Color and Which Should You Buy?

Apple's most powerful iPad is available in five stunning colors that all gadget lovers highly anticipated. The colors are gorgeous and dreamy, ranging from sleek silver to luxurious rose gold, ethereal sky blue, delicate green, and a dark space grey. So, the million-dollar question is: what is the best iPad Air 4 color for you, and how will you choose? Take a look at our guide to see what makes each color stand out.

1. Exclusivity

The rose gold iPad Air 4 is chic and stylish. The color transforms in direct sunlight to an understated but elegant look. Its soft hues convert the iPad into a thing of beauty, giving you an air of timeless sophistication. This shade of rose gold also photographs beautifully, giving your photos a soft and delicate aesthetic. This color is only available for the iPad Air 4, so if the element of exclusivity is a deciding factor for you, then rose gold is your only choice.

2. Functionality

Although the color and functionality may seem mutually exclusive at first glance, they aren't. Colour is a determining factor if you work as a content creator or plan to use your iPad as a prop in photographs or videos. Remember that dust, fingerprints, and scratches will show more on the darker colors, such as space grey, blue, and green. Even though the iPad Air 4 bezels are minimal compared to previous versions, any imperfections will appear on the darker versions. Go for the silver or rose grey for the cleanest shots. 

3. Originality

Green is a new color to the Apple kingdom. Soft and delicate, the shade of green on the Apple iPad Air 4 varies between an apple green and light mint. The green Apple iPad Air 4 has a fresh, youthful look that will brighten up your workspace and any room. Green is associated with peace, rest, and luck. If you are into fun and original colors, then this is the iPad Air 4 color you should go for.

4. Back to black

The iPad Air 4 does not come in black, the go-to color for most iPad users. However, the iPad Air 4 in space grey is the perfect replacement for those who prefer the classic subtle look. Black symbolizes sophistication and elegance as well as power in the business world. These same tones are reflected in space grey, making it the perfect alternative to those who love the feeling of black.

5. Blue skies

The blue version of the Apple iPad Air 4 is ideal for those who want an understated pop of color. Traditionally, blue is a color associated with serenity and calmness, and this is the exact feeling created by the shade used in the iPad Air 4. The soft sky blue makes a statement without being over the top.

Now that you have purchased your iPad Air 4, the next logical step is to find a case that protects it while looking good. The last thing you want to do is find a cover that has a dull color, hiding your iPad's color palette. Here is where Zugu comes in. Not only are their cases extremely durable, but you can choose between seven colors, which you can match to your iPad's unique shade.

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Why Zugu?

Reinforced case and major drop protection

Zugu cases provide the ultimate drop protection for your iPad. The company guarantees 100% protection against a five-foot fall on concrete. In addition, the iPad Air 4 case has extra reinforcement on the corners, which is usually the first to take the hit in a fall. The case is made from one of the most complex and most resilient materials on the market – TPU plastic.

Choose from the rainbow palette

Find a case that gives you color options for your iPad Air 4. You don't need to look elsewhere with Zugu. Choose between seven colors and pair your iPad cover with your device. Zugu cases come in black, red, executive brown, slate, berry, sage, and taffy. Find the perfect shade to compliment your iPad.

Eight angled slots

Zugu case design works to give you the maximum out of your iPad. Thanks to its eight magnetic slots, choose the angle that works for you, from almost flat to under 90 degrees upright. Each space has a magnet that holds the flap securely in place, excluding the possibility of the case slipping or sliding. The covers also have a magnetic mount to attach flat to any magnetic surface. You can work, watch a movie, do your work out, or follow a recipe with complete peace of mind.

Additional features

Each case has inbuilt vents, giving you complete freedom to use your device for long periods without overheating. It also has an inbuilt pocket to store your Apple Pencil, which you can also charge wirelessly on the case.

Also, the cover includes a soft microfibre lining that protects the case while repelling dust. It also activates your iPad's sleep and wake function when you close or open the flap.