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What is the Best Color for a 12.9 iPad Pro Case?

Selecting a color for your 12.9 iPad Pro Case

You’ve finally taken the plunge and bought yourself a shiny new iPad Pro 12.9— or maybe someone else did it for you. Either way, you’re the proud owner of a shiny glass-and-aluminum super tablet, and the future is yours. 

As a responsible iPad owner, one of the first things you think about is buying a sturdy, shock-protective 12.9 iPad Pro case to keep your new device safe. You’ve done your research and discovered the best case ever built— the Zugu. Now all you’ve got to do is push the purchase button.

But not so fast! The Zugu case, like many other options, comes with color options. Black, scarlet, cognac, slate, berry, pine. They’re all beautiful shades, and you may feel stumped.  What is the best color for your iPad Pro 12.9? 

Colors are a great way to personalize your iPad Pro case, and choosing the color that resonates most with you will help you feel at home with your new iPad that much faster. But what does your iPad case color choice tell the world about you? When you take your iPad in that case to your next job interview, are you sending the signals you want to send? Let’s unpack some iPad colors here and find out what they mean in the big world out there.

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Choosing a black iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation case

Perhaps the most obvious color choice is black. With a black iPad case, you’ll never have to think twice about taking your iPad anywhere— to the board room, when you visit the president, or on your first date; it’s always supremely suitable. Black tells the world you are logical, analytical, and sophisticated. There’s a sense of authority that goes with it, and the confidence of a relationship in which there are no surprises: everything’s going to be right where it should be. 

A sophisticated brown case for your iPad Pro

If black seems just a little too much, you may want to go with brown, which, in the case of the Zugu, translates into an understated Cognac.  Brown signals that you are reliable, honest, and hardworking. A gentler sophistication than you would have had with black, with an added tinge of down-to-earth sensibility. 

With a brown iPad case, you’re that much more approachable, a stabilizing, comforting force in a sometimes confusing world. 

Making a statement with a scarlet 12.9 iPad Pro case

Not into the calm collectedness of black or brown? Scarlet, or red, allows you to make a bold statement: you’re energetic and passionate, full of strength, and with a lust after adventure. A scarlet iPad case may pin you down as assertive, ploughing forward with your own ideas without paying much attention to those around you.  But if you’re in a field where either creativity or assertiveness is honored, it may be just the ticket. A scarlet iPad case might not be the best thing to take with you when you’re interviewing at the bank, but if you’re a lawyer interviewing at a law firm or a dancer auditioning for Broadway it may be nothing less than ideal.

Show who you are with a slate blue iPad cover

Slate blue is perhaps the opposite of scarlet red. Confidence-inducing, this color suggests the owner may be calm under pressure; peaceful, but with a sense of purpose, laid back, but someone who gets things done. The color of the sky on a less-than-vibrant day, this may not be the most cheerful of your choices, but it gives you a ‘can’t be disturbed’ vibe that is definitely positive. It also conveys the idea of trust, power, and success.

Throw caution to the wind with a berry 12.9 iPad Pro case

Whimsical, fun, with more than a hint of fantasy— that’s what you’re signaling when you take a berry 12.9 iPad Pro case with you on your rounds. This case may be the least professional of the Zugu lineup, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  A purple case is a great choice for someone in the arts, and this particular hue gently hints at the presence of a grand imagination and a secret elvish part of you that even your best friends might not fully know. Fun, mysterious, a bit elusive? That’s purple for you. 

Bring the woods to the office with a 12.9 iPad Pro case in pine

Green is another color that suggests creativity— but this is less of the dreamy-eyed mystic variety and represents more an innovative, out-of-the-box thinker who can bring new life and growth to any firm. The pine iPad case seems to give out an undercurrent of peace, and suggests an affirming, accessible owner who will be loyal to friends and seems always lucky in the draw of the universe. 

There you have it: six great colors for your iPad Pro 12.9 5th generation case.  Which one means you? Are you ready to show off your whimsical side with an elusive berry case, or would you like to project staid sophistication and a logical, analytical mind with black? Maybe you’re ready to take a risk and go for scarlet: bold and energetic is what you’re all about, and you bring passion to every project you are part of.  There’s no wrong answer here: choose an iPad case that represents you and the vibe you’d like to bring to the party, and you’ll be good to go